aside from dave, my kids, extended family, and friends, i am borderline obsessed with party fashion and food.  mostly because when attending a party, i get to wear something fancy and that, hopefully, isn't covered in boogers or heaven knows what else  A N D  i get to eat things i didn't have to prepare or make!  yep, parties are truly a form of paradise for me; and i think most other moms too!

[photography by katie dudley photography]

so, when i threw my own

french themed gender reveal party

, i wanted to create that same sort of feeling for my friends;  giving the event a fancy dress code and serving a decadent cake a sparkling lemonade beverages that i knew were seldom a regular occurrence for my girl friends.

if you decide to go the same route i did, you can either asks your guests to wear their best party attire  O R  come dressed in the color they think the baby will be.  which is what my guests did in some of shabby apple and joyfolie's cutest party dresses and accessories.  making it really fun to see who was on team blue and who was on team pink!

as for the food.  you can serve what ever you want.  but i'm all for providing some food options that go with the theme because i think it helps tie everything together more.  so i opted for a naked funfetti cake topped off with macaroons and blinged out gold "bebe" cake topper that was designed skye.  my favorite cake decorator at the provo bakery.  the mom to be absolutely loved the cake, and it was the perfect show case item for the event!

then there's the drinks.  the options are endless, but single glass bottles of an exciting and fancy beverage are always a good option too.  and you can get your own selection from your local grocery store or even whole foods store!  trust me, you'd be amazed at the options they have!

p.s. in case you missed it, i shared this party on KUTV 2NEWS THIS MORNING and you can see it H E R E.

p.s.s. don't forget to follow me on instagram to see when the giveaway for this gender reveal party will be.  and trust won't want to miss out on entering this one!


  1. Everyone, especially the mom to be, looks gorgeous!

  2. I knew it would turn out so cute, you did not disappoint! I love the balloon popping idea, so clever!

  3. Thank you so much Andi and Sarah! This was such a fun event to plan and coordinate! Much love to you both!