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my favorite month is FINALLY here!  if i had it my way, it would be sweater weather year round with a sprinkling of spring and summer thrown into the mix.  i don't care much for winter.  so i'm happy to leave that one out.  ha!  

[top and shoes: ROOLEE BOUTIQUE]

one thing i've really wanted to start working on is the quality time my family spends together.  i used to think that if i wanted my kids to look back fondly on their childhood, i had to do huge, over the top activities all the time.  but i've learned that's not the case.  especially because my favorite memories from my childhood were the moments in which i spent quality time with my family. 

[top and shoes: ROOLEE BOUTIQUE]
 so, even though i still plan bigger and super exciting activities i've began to balance those out with more simple outings where dave and i can really talk to the kids and bond with them.  currently, we are love going on family walks around our neighborhood.  especially during this particular time of the year when autumn is beginning to burst into full bloom.  it has by far become one of our most favorite quality family time activities because we get to spend time together outdoors and excitedly talk about the incredible changes that are taking place around us.  and, my kids just love collecting as many fallen twig, leaves, and nuts that their little arms and hands can hold.  for them, those things are better than any toy or piece of candy they could be given, and i love it!  

family is everything and i'm so grateful i get to enjoy all of the exciting and simply things life has to offer with the people who matter most to me.

P.S. i am currently loving this video about creating a happy family

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