Gender reveals have been around for a while, but I feel like just recently they have become a "thing".  How about you, what do you think?

I've talked to some people and they say they just don't get the craze.  But then I talk to others, who are more like me, and they hope this trend is here to stay!  I mean, why not turn any happy event into a party?  Personally, I think the world, and especially busy moms, could always use more of them!

which is why the next few posts are solely devoted to my "Oui, Oui!  It's a BeBe!" gender reveal party that i featured on a kutv 2 news this morning segment.  

Today is all about the 

Unique Gender Reveals

 I did for this specific party.

Of course, i love the balloon release from cardboard moving boxes, cutting into gender hued cupcakes/cakes, and popping confetti filled balloons.  But, I feel like they have been done too many times and need to step aside and let some other fun gender revealing ways have their moment to shine!  So, for my gender reveal party I decided to showcase three of the newest gender reveals out there that i personally love.

[photographs by Katie Dudley Photography]

1) Confetti Poppers

You can order these online through various etsy shops OR you can make your own using trifle poppers from zurchers that you then cover with scrapbook paper to hide the gender specific confetti that you placed inside; then seal off the top with a square piece of black tissue paper that you have hot glued around the entire top edge of your popper. 

  NOTE: Homemade confetti poppers don't have as much gusto as the ones you can order online.  So as you push your popper handle upward to release the confetti, you also need to launch the popper forward a bit with the hand you are holding the popper in. 

2) Silly String

This stuff is everywhere, but I found it to be priced best at any dollar store or Walmart.  Once you've purchased your cans, cover the exterior in scrap book paper to hide what the color of the silly string is and then remove the cap so that it doesn't prematurely giveaway what the sex of the baby it.

NOTE:  I hadn't used silly string since i was 10.  So i had forgotten how wet, sticky and messy silly string can be!  Avoid aiming it directly at anything that you wouldn't want this stuff to cling to and leave its mark.  Obviously, the best place to do this, would be outside. :)

3) Paint Filled Balloons 

This one was my favorite!  It's messy, but so fun!  Simply buy and art easel, some darts, black balloons, art canvas, and gender specific acrylic paint.  You can get these items anywhere!  but my favorite place(s) are Michael's and Walmart.  Next, using one color of paint at a time, squeeze some of your paint into a mixing bowl and slowly add water to make the paint a thinner consistency.  but don't water it down too much, or it won't look as good when it explodes all over your canvas!  Just do what looks right to you.  

After that, take one of your balloons and place some sort of funnel in it (this can be an oil funnel that you use for your car.  just make sure it's clean!).  Fill the balloons with about 4-5 tablespoons of paint... you'll just have to eye ball this... then, remove your funnel and blow up your balloon to a size that can easily be popped with a dart.  Next it's time to tape the balloons to the canvas, set it on some sort of easel, place the canvas and easel on a table and then the let the mom (and dad) to be pop the balloons to see what the gender of the baby is!

Once all of the balloons are popped, place the canvas somewhere safe to dry and then give it to the expecting parents to hang in their baby's nursery.  Or really anywhere else in their home.

NOTE: to help eliminate the mess that come with popping paint filled balloons, purchase some plastic table cloths and use them to cover your table and the ground.  And don't forget to do this fun gender reveal outside!

And there you have it!  don't forget to check out my gender reveal pinterest board for more fun ideas and come back on Tuesday to see all the fashion and food that was at this event and get details on the fun giveaway that will be happening too!

Happy Friday Loves!

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