i love autumn.  the season is quickly taking over here in utah.  and i love it!  but, i'm also a little bitter sweet about it because i've come to love summer just as much recently and have found my self doing all that i can for my family to savor every last moment of it.  maybe it's because my kids are older and we have been able to go out and do more fun and adventurous activities this summer.  or maybe it's because i know when summer is over that only leaves one season left until winter comes.  ugh!  to all you winter lovers out there i'm sorry, but i HATE winter.  enough said.  

with summer still somewhat clinging on, i decided to take advantage of it one particularly warm and sunny september day and drove my little family circus out to utah lake for an afternoon at the beach with some friends.  it was absolutely heavenly and by far one of our favorite outdoor summer activities!  

we picnicked in the sand, dug endless trenches with our diggers, built a huge sand castle, chased a few seagulls, ran along the sand bars and had so much fun splashing in the ankle lapping water!  such a glorious day it was!  and now that autumn is nearly in full swing i can openly and eagerly embrace it thanks to many outdoor summer activities we did this year!

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