my family owns this cabin.  well, it's more like a fly fishing, 4-wheeling, mountain biking, take break from your worries retreat nestled in a green valley in the heart of the unita basin in utah.  if you follow me on instagram, then you've already seen it!

ll plaid jacket and tunic: Jane ll shoes: famous footwear ll 

we rent it out to the public.  but, when others aren't there on vacation, my family gets to go and enjoy time together there.  we love it!  especially my kids.  so we make sure to do a fun family vacation there at least once a year.  and, like every year in the past, this year was absolutely magical.  filled with walks through waist high golden grass, fishing (of course), s'mores, walks down shaded dirt roads, star gazing, 4-wheeling rides, canoeing, and a whole heck of a lot of adventure.  i see this place in my dreams on a regular basis, and i can't wait until we go on our next family vacation there!

i'll share more pics in a later post, but for's what will now become and annual video of this favorite place of mine.

hope you enjoyed it!

P.S.  i'm FINALLY doing my gender reveal giveaway on instagram TOMORROW!  Zurchers and Shabby Apple will be a part of it, and I can't wait!