2 weeks ago, my family and i headed off to bryce canyon national park for a mini weekend vacation.  despite the 3.5 hour car ride both ways, a few atomic tantrums, dave and i getting fried to a crisp, our camera battery dying, and having one kid poop their pants and another pee directly on me while we were hiking, i'd say the trip was a huge success.  

so, in celebration of our little vacay, i thought it would be fun to spend the next 2 weeks talking about every thing desert related.  because frankly, i'm obsessed! 

and here's why...

utah is the place i have always called home.  i love it here, and i especially loved it as a child because every summer was spent traveling around this state with my family jam packed in our gmc suburban and our little ol' camper tugging along behind us as we set off to see all the national and state parks utah had to offer.  by the time my family and i had crossed every single place of our 'utah travels bucket list', desert sand had embedded itself in my veins and i came to know this state like the back of my hands.  the utah deserts are one of my truest loves.  they are breathtaking, awe inspiring, and the closet thing to heaven on earth...if you asked me.  which is why i think everyone and their dog,  cat, or goats (if you're into that sort of thing) should come to visit southern utah.

and, even though summer may be coming to a close.  it's not over yet!  heck, there's even labor day weekend to look forward too!  which means there's still plenty of time for you to squeeze in one last road trip to utah!  there seriously are so many beautiful deserts to see; that it can be so hard to decide just where to start.  but, since i'm a bonafide utah desert dweller, i've created a list of desert locations you for sure don't want to miss!  plus, i'm also sharing my recommendations on what to do at each one.  so you're pretty much good to go!

you're welcome!

[images by my incredibly talented father-in-law]

favorite things to do there:

shop and eat dinner in the quaint town of springdale that lies right at the entrance to this park.

favorite things to do there:

favorite things to do there:

island in the sky

cave springs

road side ruin

dead horse point

wondering where bryce canyon national park is?  don't worry, i'll share images, more details of our trip, and even a video (!!!) of that glorious place next week!

oh, and did i mention there will even be a giveaway at the end of this two week fanfare?!  its going to be amazing and simply can't wait! so follow along and stay tuned to enter.  you won't want to miss it!

until then, clear your calendar, pack your bags, load up your kids and come to my neck of the woods!

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