a couple weeks ago, dave and i went up to park city together to use up one of my b-day gifts which were tickets to the deer valley music festival to hear kirstin chenoweth.  instead of doing our normal routine of shopping at the outlet store and going to our favorite philly cheese stake restaurant before the show, we decided to mix things up a bit and rode the deer valley ski lift all the way up to the highest peak at the deer valley ski resort.  it was such a fun and breath-taking ride/view!  then, for dinner we decided to try out the amphitheater's gourmet dinner basket.  it was filled with tons of things we rarely eat.  so it was really fun to try them out together!  the entire day was so much fun guys!  one that i'll never forget; and has since become the driving force to me continuously think about other fun things dave and i can do together.  which, i think goes hand in hand with the romance side of marriage.

dave and i have been married for 8.5 years.  seriously.  sometimes i look at him and wonder where all the time went.  because there are still so many times when i feel like i'm still living the single college life and we just barely met.  but, 2 careers later, a few trips, 3 kids, a couple job changes and 4 moves later, here we are.  still married.  and i love it.  but i would also be lying if i didn't say i sometimes hated it too.  things get so much more tricky when you throw another person into your life equation!  no longer are you just worried about numero uno.  once you decide to get married there is another person you have to think about, love, look after, etc.  for better or worse.  and whenever your marriage pendulum has swung over to the "worse side", that can be super hard!    at least, that's how it is for me.  

which is why it's so important for those of use who are in relationships to keep the romance alive.  even when we don't want too.  because that's what we signed up to do when we all chose to commit ourselves to someone else.  we promised to try.  to fight.  and to give it all.  even when the going gets tough.  

so how do you do that?  i have no clue.  i am far from being an expert on this kind of stuff.  but i do know what works for dave and i.  so i'd thought i'd share and if you like it, take it.  and if you don't...well you know what to do.

romantic marriage ideas

1) have adventures together. 

2) send each other sweet text messages, e-mails, snapchats, etc.

3) choose to do with each other that you don't do with anyone else.  for dave and i, it's watching "the walking dead".

4) show sincere interest and participate in the something your significant other loves doing (i.e. dave willingly going with me to listen to kirstin chenoweth.  for reals guys.  how did i get so lucky?!).

5) go on regular dates.  even if it's to the grocery store.  just find a way to spend 1-on-1 time together.

and there you have it!  so here's to writing our own love songs and keeping the romance very much alive in our marriages!

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