toward the middle of this summer, my kids had begun to get extremely stir crazy and had become boarder line insane.  too keep us all mentally appeased, i i decided to start taking the kids on  adventures every monday.  they weren't anything huge and were mostly outdoor attractions that were close to home, had a cheap or free entrance fee, and were entertaining.  bonus points if they had some sort of educational element to it also.  with summer almost over, and school starting next monday, we decided to do something extra fun and go with a group of our favorite friends to Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  and i'm still extremely surprised that we even made it out the door to this event.  with all of the kids waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a few atomic melt downs, extreme sibling WWF brawls, and birdie even peeing her pants all over our couch.  sending my kids to timbuktu seemed much more pleasing than joining our friends for a lovely day at the gardens.  

but, miracle of miracles we made it out the door.  and on time even!  i'm still stumped as to how that happened.  so i'm just going to write it off as a straight up divine intervention!  

once everyone was there, the afternoon was perfection and i'm now convinced that august is one of the most beautiful seasons ever!  it may be a hot one, but dang!  it sure does know how to produce some beautiful flowers!  the day definitely turned from a bad one to an exceptionally good one.  and i'm so grateful that i got to spend this summer teaching my children how to seek out the endless adventures that surround them.


local mums!  

THIS is happening.  courtesy of mayor curtis.  the mayor of provo.

it's an AMAZING event that will be this friday, at the provo rec center for and all of the proceeds from this event will go directly to this incredible organization that helps homeless family find homes of their.  a cause that think is truly amazing!  especially because i have had family members of my own who have experienced homelessness.  you can read all the other info HERE but can i just point out that children 5 and under are free?!  i think that is soooo cool.  especially because all of my kids are currently 5 and under.  ha!  

i will definitely be attending this event, and hope you will too!  together we can change the world.  and one way we can do that is by ending homelessness in our own town!  huzzah!

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