[sorry, i had to sneak that one in because gus is just so gosh darn cute!]

summer is almost over here in utah.  i can feel it in the air.  but for some of you mums, you get to live in places where it is endless summer!  lucky!  as much as i love autumn, the thought of living in a place where it is eternally warm is quite appealing!  so even though summer is coming to end here in my neck of the woods, i can't seem to stop myself from finding multiple reasons to throw on my swim suit and soak up the remaining warm weather and sunshine.  my  dear local friends and fellow bloggers natashia and jacque are the same as me.  so we all thought, "what the heck. why not make a blog post out of this?!"   

luckily for us, lime ricki has a huge variety of swim suits that are super flattering on all types of figures.  and thanks to jacque, who is a super amazing stylist, we were all able to find the perfect swim suit which, btw, are currently going for amazing sale prices on their website!  so, for those of you who don't live in endless summer.  go to lime ricki now and choose a swim suit or two for next year and save your self a ton of money.  something we all know i am totally all about!  and of course, what would a swim suit post be without sharing a fun way to style your swim suit?!  us three girls are huge fans of simple yet stylish accessories, so we decided to stick with the classic and currently trendy kimono and neutral shoes sandals pairing that always make any swim suit and body type look good!  and there you have it!  hope you liked seeing what we came up with!  with just a few short weeks until labor day.  you can bet i will be spending a good majority of it lounging in this exact outfit by our plastic blue kiddie pool in the backyard while my kids run around like a bunch of wild things and i dream of luxurious pools, endless raspberry lemonades and teaching my kids to fan me with palm fronds.   so here's to summer, and here's to school almost beginning!  Hooray!

Oh, and make sure to head over to natashia and jacque's sites to see more fun pics of our styled lime ricki swim suits!

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