i'm just going to be honest here.  money is tight for me and my family right now.  don't get me wrong, dave and i are able to put a roof over our kids head, fill our children's bellies, pay the bills and put clothes on everyones' backs.  however, once all of those expenses are covered, there isn't much left over.  i always tell myself it's ok that we are in this phase of life, but i'd be down right lying if i did't admit how frustrated and angry i am about it.  there are so many times when i compare myself to those that i know or even don't know; feeling the inner struggle and urge to do all that i can to keep up with the joneses.   the world that we live in is so materialistically driven that i'm sure i'm not the only one currently going through this funk and mind set.  

sometimes it is just so dang hard to not compare myself to others!  but then i remember how great i do have it.  i seriously am truly blessed!  and truly believing that life is what you make of it, i have learned to become very resourceful.  especially when it comes to throwing parties.  i absolutely love doing them, but they can get sooooo gosh darn expensive.  and i'm just not willing to go over our monthly budget for them.  so, i've learned to get rather creative when it comes to the elements that make up a party.  especially the decor.  

recently i threw a really fun CACTUS THEMED PARTY for a good friend of mine who came in to town.  wanting to host something more than just your typical get together, i knew i was going to have to be quite resourceful due to the limited finances i had allowed myself.  so, you guessed it, there was a lot of bartering, borrowing, and creativity that happened on my end.  but thanks to all the effort i put into planning this party, i created some awesome party decorations that any mom, especially those of you on a limited budget and time schedule could create.  one of my favorites, was the paper pieced cactus banners that i made out of crepe paper [thanks so much studio diy for the idea!]

here's what i did.

supply list:

various rolls of crepe paper streamers



1) cut your streamers into smaller lengths.  about a few feet each.  if you want to make really long banners, you could always make few in the same color and then attach them together with clear tape.

2) accordion fold each of streamers until you have a much smaller section that is just a few inches in width and height.

3) cut a small rectangular section out of each side; leaving the top of the streamer still attached.  

4) make your patters!  simply fold your streamer in half and, on the fold, cut out a design that resembles a cactus.  oh, and don't get too close to the edges or else you will ruin your streamer.  muy no bueno!

5) open up your streamers and hang!  if you want, you can cut off the last flag on each end of your streamers to give you more room for hanging.  but that's completely up to you!


see, with a little help from internet, some paper, scissors, and creativity, you can save your self a good ol chunk of pesos and create your own decorations that are just as amazing as some store bought ones!

[this little turkey totally photo bombed some of my pics.  but he's so stinking cute that i didn't have the heart to have him move!]

A N D if you've been following me on instagram, then you've probably seen that i'm doing a super fun DESERT GIVEAWAY.  there are TONS of prizes in it, and one of them is cactus themed party box so you can throw you very own cactus party!  H O O R A Y!  so make sure to check it out.  it ends tonight at 10 pm!


speaking of parties...

local mums!

if you live in utah, you should check out the "all about baby & kids expo" that is THIS saturday at the south town expo center! it's from 9 am to 7 pm and will consist of a toddler fest, kids club, family fun, shopping, classes and so many other things that empower parents and caregivers with education to help set their children up for success.'s 100% F R E E !!!! so bring your kids, friends, husbands, or whoever you want for a super fun weekend experience!

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