there's the mountains, ocean, tundra, jungles, and then you have the deserts.  my personal favorite.  recently i have incorporated elements from this climate zone, eco system, whatever you may call it, into almost every aspect of my life. including my accessories.  during any current down time i may have, i am constantly online trolling the internet for accessories that make my inner desert dweller heart all sorts of twitter-patted.  people always say there are healing powers in the desert, and i believe them.  whenever i wear a set of cactus earnings, druzy stone ring, or aztec print anything, i'm instantly ok with all the craziness that is going on in my life.  baby just drank of toilet full of pee water?  that's ok.  birdie just dumped out the entire bag of flour?  not a problem.  gus cut his own hair with pair of scissors?  that's ok too!  seriously, the world can do no wrong [most of the time] when i'm wearing a desert inspired accessory.  sooooo if you too could use a little more zen in your life, here are 10 of my favorite accessories.

no. 9 borcik shop 

if you can't tell, i especially love #s 9 and 10 for various reasons.  haha!  so lets chat about them for a minute...

borcik's necklaces are awesome in so many ways!  but my favorite things about them are that they make great layering pieces, have unique/eye catching designs, and are made from stunning natural materials.   and can we just talk about their bling factor for a minute.  gah!  i love it!  i feel like the queen of sheba whenever i wear my amethyst pendant, and i love it.  because every mom should feel that way when they are wearing accessories!

And when it comes to nickel and suede's earrings and cuffs...i  L O V E  that they are made from light weight and beautifully dyed leather that any mom on the go can wear.  even when i'm out and about, i love to add a little pizazz to my outfits, if i can, and nickel and suede allows me to do that.  i can't tell you how many times people asked what material they were made out of, or that i completely forgot i was wearing them because of the incredible light weight leather both items are made of.  even though the earrings and cuff are both larger in size they never got in my way once.  and that's a total win for me.  especially because i have three young kids that i have to endless chase after and whenever i wear any accessory that gets in the way, i instantly have to take it off.  and that makes me sad, because i still like to look good when i'm in mom mode. so, clearly i will be wearing more of this product on a daily basis!

despite all that, my favorite thing about both of these shops is that they are owned by incredibly hard working moms; and that's something i'm super passionate about and love to support all day every day!  and i'm sure you do too!  so make sure to check them out and stay tuned for my DESERT GIVEAWAY because items from each of these incredible companies will be in it!

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