when going to the desert, the fashion options are endless.  since my family and i are LDS, we believe in being modest.  i love what we believe in when it comes to modesty [you can read more about it H E R E] but because of it, i have to get a little more creative when it comes to what we wear when go to places with extreme rises in temperature.  especially when it comes to me and my daughter, birdie.  i don't mind though, because i like the challenge, and i really enjoy finding other companies out there that provide clothing options that support my beliefs and help me better teach my daughter about this important value as well. 

luckily, there are a lot of shops out there that have a good selection of modest  clothing so i didn't have to look very far when it came to what birdie and i wore.  especially when it came to our awesome swim suits.  those, i think, are the trickiest.  but i found some awesome ones and can't wait for you too seem them.

here's what i was able to come up with this time...  

[mariluz dress: flor de luz shop.  what i love about it: light weight, bold colors, beautiful embroidery.]

[artisan shoes: chickie cheeks.  what i love about them: light weight feel and natural color.]

 [pom-pom embroidered top: apartment eighteen.  what i love about it: flowy fabric, aztec designs, and of course...the pom-poms!]

[tribal teepee shorts: fancy frogs. what i love about them: organic fabric, fun design, pseudo neutral colors.]

***wondering why birdie's image only consist of a yellow wall instead of some beautiful desert scenery?  to make a long story short...the day we left for our trip, all hell broke loose.  and i'm not joking!  we were already running extremely behind schedule and since i was so focused on just getting out the door i forgot to pack quite a few things. including some of my family's clothes.  so as soon as we got back from our trip, dave and i packed the kids into the car and drove around provo to find colored walls that resembled the colors found in the desert.  it may seem like a stretch, but i think we did a pretty good job!  you'll see other awesome desert hued walls when i share what the boys wore!***

[nicole black fringe swim suit: rad swim. what i love about it.  THE FRINGE!, the removable halter strap, and the classic black color.]

[little kylee swim suit: rad swim.  what i love about it. darling fabric designs, the ruffles at the top, and the cute contrasting colors.]

 when it came time for us to go on our desert vacay, birdie and i were able to live our beliefs, stay cool in the hot desert sun, and look fashionable all at the same time.  point, set, match!

and in case you missed anything, here's the shops again...

and yes, they will all be in the desert giveaway that i will be doing next monday!

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