if you're new to mumsy, welcome!  it's been fun seeing all the new people that come to this little site of mine!  and, to bring you up to speed, i'm currently doing a 2 week long desert feature on my website.  i love everything about the desert.  and i really do mean everything [nothing new to those of you who've been following along already!]  especially the fashion.  on monday, i talked about what birdie and i wore during our family vacation to bryce canyon just a couple weeks ago and you can read more about it H E R E.  today, i'm going to be talking about what my boys wore.  

a lot of people say that the picking is slim when it comes to the fashion choices for boys.  but as a mom of 2 boys, and also being married to a boy, i beg to differ.  recently, i feel like the run of the mill fashion industry has thrown our opposite sex a very generous bone.  especially when it comes to fun and creative graphic t-shirts.  i have really loved what's been out there recently and can't seem to stop purchasing them.  it drives dave crazy, but, being the bargain shopper that i am, i always argue that it was on sale and therefore totally worth buying.  yes, we do have a budget, and yes i follow it.  so, i promise, i'm not going into debt for this mild obsession of mine.  

getting back on track with today's topic...

guys are lucky.  they can walk around with their shirts off like it's nobody's business.  and i can't tell you how many times we saw men walking around bryce canyon without their shirts on.  whether they were chiseled greek gods, hairy as a bear, or had eaten one too many cheeseburgers, they flaunted their half naked body with pride.  now if girls went around doing that, it would be a completely different story.  and that's an entirely different topic for another day.  but to make a long story short, we wear shirts in our family.  all of us.  boys and girls.  so to help keep my guys cool in the desert sun i found some amazing shirts from some awesome companies that share love for the outdoors just as much as we do.

[i live in dirt t-shirt: fresh pressed prints.  what i love about it: the saying.  bug literally does live in dirt on a daily basis.  and he has even incorporated it into his diet.  i can't tell you how many times i've gone to change a diaper and found it completely made up of sand.  Y U C K !  aside from that, i also love the fit.  i find baby clothing sizes to be all over the place but this specific t-shirt is a more fitted style, so it fit my little guy perfectly.]

[hug it out t-shirt: lemon tee shop.  what i love about it: the super soft fabric, and pre-shrunk wash that keeps this item from shrinking after you wash it at home.  LOOOOVE that!  i can't tell you how many times i've bought something for my kids, washed it, and then it put it on for the very first time only to find out that it no longer fit them!  release the string of profanities...who else has been there a time or two before? if so, then i know you'll love this shirt for that reason too!  because minimal shrinkage means longer wearability and i think that's something any mom can appreciate!]

 [camp life t-shirt: jolly good apparel.  what i love about it: the design.  it's a really cool, eye-catching layout that even dave loved!  which is HUGE, because he's suuuuper picky when it comes to graphic tees.  also, can we take a moment to give my man a round of applause?!  he hates having pictures of just himself taken.  but he didn't complain once when i asked him to do this for me.  i'm one lucky lady!]

and there you have it!  i think it's safe to say that all three of my boys loved their shirts as much as i did!  

ALSO, for any of you mums or mumsies-to-be, clothes and baby products are an inevitable part of having kids.  so you won't want to miss this fun, local event that is happening THIS thursday, august 13th 5-8 p.m. in lindon, ut.

bring your friends, husbands, or both to this family event where the moms can shop, husbands can eat, and the kiddos can play. the baby cubby is having a pop-up shop & after hours party with 3 local/amazingly talented mompreneurs: the urban post, the bees knees shoppe, and little things happy.  This won't be your average "meet & shop" event.  they'll have fun kids activities like making felt monsters, a bounce house, a fun & crafty photo booth, lots of great giveaways, food, & of course sales from all the shops & storewide discounts from the baby cubby along with a petunia pickle bottom clearance sale.  everything you need to know is right HERE.  I will be there with my little family, so i hope to see you there too!

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