When I first became a mom, I found myself feeling very isolated.  I lived in a neighborhood where the other moms were very friendly, but were either extremely busy or liked to stay at home and do their own thing.  And this was super hard for me because I thrive off being connected to other women; knowing that I'm not the only one in this intensity we call motherhood and that there are others out there who I can relate to.  One day, I was having this conversation with a good friend of mine and she invited me to come and meet a group of her "mom friends" that she did things with on a regular basis.  both with kids and without.  Once I met them, I knew they were my people.  they were irreverent, lively, and opinionated women who fiercely loved their children and role as mother, but also knew how important it was to also take time out for themselves and focus on the sides of themselves that can often times get lost in the daily tasks of motherhood.  Finding this group of women saved me in so many ways and my love and bonds to them run deep.

Last year, one of these dear friends moved away to Texas. and when the rest of us found out she was coming to town to visit, I instantly began to plan a party that was all about the love I have for these women and my long running obsession with the desert.  

Enter my cactus party!

I have planned quite a few parties, and I do have to admit that this particular party was by far, one of favorites to plan, orchestrate and host.  

 Though I love collaborating with other companies, I feel that can sometimes take away from the personal touches of a party, and I wanted to keep this as original as possible; with the exception of using awesome confetti filled balloons from my go-to online party supply store knot and bow and getting the cutest mini succulents from this amazing online succulent shopped called sanpedrocactus that I placed in these darling terra cotta pots that I purchased and then glamed up with some pom fringe and custom tags for my party favors.  As well as an absolutely adorable cactus pillow from ecarlate boutique and gorgeous neon green Mexican thunderbirds blanket from flor de luz shop that my cute friends could lounge on.

Oh, and I can't forget this custom invite that would give my girls a preview of what was to come.  And call me cheesy, but I'm kind of obsessed with the play on words that iIcame up with!  

[Pssst.  if you are now in the mood to throw your own cactus themed party,  you can download this one for F R E E!  And make sure to go to the canary jane shop for some more fun cactus and succulent prints!]

as for the rest of the party decor, i made and created it myself.  except for the ginormous paper cactus blossoms.  i borrowed those.  because lets face it, with three young kids, a house to run, a blog to orchestrate, social media accounts to manage...yadda, yadda, yadda.  i just couldn't justify staying till all hours of the night making those.  but to those of you who do, i am not worthy!  but everything else that i made were both cost effective and time sensitive [two things that are right up my alley] but made a big, colorful impact that truly added to the theme and ambiance of the party.  and i will be showing how to do those later on.

With fun decor, good Mexican food, yummy cactus sugar cookies and cupcakes, flavored Italian sodas with the cutest cactus drink stirs from oh shiny paper co. present, the rest of the evening consisted of endless laughter, varied conversation and lots of smiles and hugs.  At one point, we even attempted to take some pictures together.  But we were so busy talking and being slightly ridiculous that Dave couldn't capture one good photo!  so I opted to photo shop them to black and white because, in my opinion, that always revamps any crappy pictures you may have!

And that's it!  A few days after this party, my dear friend went back to Texas. we all miss her dearly, but I am so glad for the memories this party created for all of us until we the next time we are all together again!

Don't forget!  Us moms are busy, super busy!  So in no way am I saying we should all go this over board when it comes to getting together with friends.  I just love to throw parties.  and I mean LOOOOOVE.  It's something that brings me and my party craved kids great joy.  And since i'm all about doing what makes you happy and allowing your kids to see/be a part of that process.  I occasionally throw an over the top party, but if that isn't your style or something you currently do, then do something that is! Because at the end of the day what matters most is that you are enjoying the time you spend with the people you love.

p.s. don't forget about my desert giveaway!  It will be featuring some of my favorite items that i have recently highlighted from my 2 week desert feature and will go live on my instagram at 10 a.m. mst.

balloons: knot and bow
invitations: canary jane
drink stirs: oh shiny paper co.
mexican thunderbirds blanket: flor de luz shop
cactus pillow: ecarlate boutique
mini succulents: sanpedrocactus

custom sugar cookies: provo bakery
cactus table runner: handmade by moi
foam cactus center pieces: handmade by moi with foam sheets from joann's
pom fringe terra cotta pots: pots-hobby lobby ll fringe-joann's
crepe paper papel picado banner: handmade by moi
3-d cactus blooms: borrowed from a friend.  but you can get a tutorial from the house that lars built website.
custom cactus signs: designed by me and printed at office depot
succulent party favor tags: designed and printed by me


  1. It turned out soooo cute and it was such a fun party! And the photographs turned out amazing!!! Thank you for inviting me!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! I'm so glad you could come! I'm just bummed we didn't get any pics with you in them!