ll song: sunny day by joy williams ll

i did it.  by golly, i did it!  i made my first imoive!  yes, it was super hard and took me nearly 5 hrs to do.  but i did it and i am so proud of myself!  and excited too!  because this first video is about our family trip to bryce canyon.  another first for us as a family!  i loved every minute of it so much that it was practically the driving force behind me spending the last two weeks talking about everything and anything that has to do with the desert.  something else i have really loved.  and if you have too, don't worry because it's not quite over yet!  i still have my desert giveaway to do THIS MONDAY and i'm also going to round things up with a fun cactus themed party that i did for one of my favorite mamacitas.  so stay tuned!  until then, i hope you enjoyed our desert vacay video!


  1. You guys are adorable! Great pics and video. Looks like it was a fun vacation!

    1. Thank you so much April! We had such a fun time on this vacay and can't wait to go back!