i kinda loath store bought invitations.  no offense to those of you who buy and use them for your various events.  kudos to you.  seriously!  but for me, i just feel like they lack that certain pizazz.  that extra bit sparkle that i want to put out into the world.  and since i don't have the money to pay someone for a custom creation, i do my own.  and before you start thinking how amazing my graphic skill must be; because i know that's exactly what you are doing right now [wink, wink].  let me just say that i owe it all to picmonkey and etsy.  heard of them?  i'm going to assume you have.

thanks to these two websites, i was able to create a fun party invitation for Gus' Sea Creature party that you can read all about H E R E.

in less than 30 minutes, i was able to create this little gem that any of you hot mamas can use for your own sea creature party.

here's an example of what mine looked like.

here's the download you will use.  

simply save the image to your computer than open it up in picmonkey, photoshop, or any other design program and add your text to the opaque box.  from there, print your invitations off and then amp them up a bit by attaching a fun sea creature sticker with some black and white bakers twine.  and V I O L A!  you're done!

3 cheers to what's left of this summer.  i can hardly believe it is almost over, but will most definitely be making the most of it!

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