it's no secret...i love my city.  i have lived in provo for the past 11 years, and have become completely smitten with it.  so much so, that i do a series on that features the incredible people that make up my amazing home town.  it's called "people of provo" and for those of you that come here on a regular basis, you've seen all the other ones that i've done in the past.  if you're new, i'm glad you popped into today to see what will probably be my favorite video that i've ever done.  mostly because it's all about this incredible artisan chocolate shop called taste that is literally just a few blocks from my house.  willy wanka's factory really does exist; and it's right in the heart of provo, ut.  yep, the chocolate gods have definitely smiled down upon me!

hope you enjoy!

[video by dotd films]

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