golly.  can i just say how much i love you mums?!  seriously.  you're the best!  since making the official announcement for all you lovelies to join the mumsy team, i've had an overflow of wonderful responses and can't wait for this new party to begin!  thanks for sharing the love.  truly! btw...have you made your submission yet?  if not, go H E R E to see how easy it is to joint his fun team!

and speaking of parties, i love 'em!  especially ones that are clever and colorful like this neon + nerdy party by happy confetti.  who shares how she came up with this ingenious little soiree.

"inspiration can come from anywhere if we just pay enough attention to our lives. while wandering up and down the grocery store aisles, my two year old eyed (and fell in love with) a pair of black-rimmed nerd glasses from a leftover halloween rack. as he put them on and let out the cutest toddler giggle, I couldn't help but think it would be the perfect theme for his upcoming second birthday party. We are all a little nerdy deep down and what better way to embrace our inner geek than a toddler’s birthday party so viola... a neon and nerdy party it is.  

nothing screams summer like an outdoor evening at the park, so i decided to include neon colors to brighten up the d├ęcor and keep the atmosphere vibrant and silly. guests were invited to accept their nerdy side as they were given ribbon bow ties and nerd glasses. One of the best parts of the party was each kid got to make their own molecules with marshmallows, grapes and toothpicks; and then eat their creations.  which smith, my two year old, did most of the eating."

please tell me you love this party just as much as i do.  because frankly, i'm obsessed!

to grab free printable for this party, go H E R E

p.s.  my family and i are leaving today for a fun mini weekend vacay to bryce canyon national park.  you can see all the fun we are having there on my instagram and snapchat (i'm themumsyblog there too!).  and once i get back, brace yourselves for a desert life takeover!

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