hey mums!  news flash.  i don't know that much when it comes to being a mom and woman.  sure, i know what works for me.  but i think that can only go so far for a lifestyle blogger.  when it comes to edifying us women, i believe it takes a  village. 

which is why, i want mumsy to be a place where countless other women can come and share their loves, thoughts, interests and talents too.  so...i have an announcement to make! 


attention all mummies!

i am now officially opening up mumsy to anyone who has something to share.  and that means you!  yes you!'s how it works.

anyone who is looking to have their parties, thoughts, fashion interests, photography talents, home decor ideas, scrumptious recipes, etc. shared on a well established website, can do so H E R E !

wondering how this all works?  i'm glad you asked!  here's the guidelines.

1) e-mail post submissions to with "submission" typed in the subject box. include a description of the submission.  the more info, the better!

2) submissions must contain a list of the names and websites of all vendors, people, businesses, etc. you may be collaborating with.

3) you will need to provide 15-25 images for your feature [i only ask this so that i have some options to choose from].  

*images must be 645 pixels wide [from left to right].  

*images must be individual-no collages please!  i

*images cannot be branded with your logo or watermark.  if you worked with a photographer, please include their name and a link to their site.

4) allow for up to 2 weeks for a response.  and try to refrain from submitting something you have shared on other sites so we can keep things very fresh and new here on mumsy.

note: this info plus some extra stuff can be found in my collaborate tab that is at the top, leftish, side of my site.

what's in it for you, you may ask?

well, let me tell you.

aside from having your work featured on a professional, well established, and pretty awesome website, your submission will also be featured and linked back to you on my social media feeds.  which currently consist of instagram, pinterest, twitter, and facebook.

easy peasy, and pretty amazing if i do say so myself!

i simply can't wait for mumsy to a place where us gals can all share life's daily joys and bloom together!

so spread the word and join the team!  seriously, what could be holding you back?!  there is nothing i love more than getting to work and party with other incredible women.  and yes, it will be one heck of a part-ay! 

and if you can't tell yet how excited i am about this new venture, here's a few more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for ya!

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