this little frosting face guy of mine turned 5 last week.  and to be completely honest...i'm still in denial about it.  they say when you drop your first born off to the big k (aka kindergarten) you ball you eyes out.  and i believe it!  i'm sure i'll be one huge puddle of mush when the day finally comes for me to take my sweet little gus to elementary school.  just writing about it all right now is making me all sorts of weepy, so before i turn into a complete hot mess, let's switch gears and talk about the party gus wanted for his milestone birthday.

like me, gus L O V E S parties.  he is a pure addict.  so it didn't surprise that right after gus turned 4, he instantly began planning his 5 yr old party!

loving so many different things, my little man had a hard time narrowing down what he really wanted for this years party.  for a long time, it was a fusion of anacondas, lizards, and sea creatures.  and all i kept thinking was, "how in the heck am i gonna pull that off?!"  luckily for me, gus finally decided that doing a party with just a sea creature theme would be the way to go.  so i first did an inwardly leap of joy and then began to get to work.

since gus loves planning out parties so much, i decided to have him help me plan and orchestrate the entire thing.  which he absolutely loved!  we began by logging on to pinterest and creating a board devoted to all things sea creature party related and pinned our little hearts out.  from there, we went shopping for supplies, hand delivered the invitations, and even made some of the decorations together.

by the time we were done, we had one heck of a sea creature water party that consisted of sea creature themed foods and drink, a photo booth, sea creature sun hat craft, sea creature games like shark, shark, fish (think: duck, duck, goose), water balloon and water gun fights, a huge water bounce house, and live gold fish party favors.  yes, i was that mom who sent each kids home with living gold fish as their party favor.  of course, i did try to talk gus into sending his friends home with something non-living.  but he wouldn't have it.  so i caved and bought the gold fish.  because your only 5 once.  am i right, or am i right?!

oh, and can we take a minute to talk about the insanely incredible customized sea creature cake that provo bakery's lead cake decorator skye made?!  talk about ah-mazing!!!  the thing was so gosh darn awesome that it nearly killed me to cut into it!  but, like all cakes from provo bakery, it was beyond delicious so it equaled out in the end!

overall, the party was a huge success!  yes things were definitely crazy with so many kids, the majority of them being boys, running around and a huge rain storm that decided to blow in right at the end of the party.  but man did we have a good time!  especially gus.  and that was the one and only goal i wanted to accomplish for the party!

yes, i throw over the top parties that i probably don't need to do.  but as a mom who likes to party and celebrate my kids, i simply can't help it!  

B T W if you're wondering how i did a certain aspect of this party visit my sea creature party pinterest board.  i got all of the ideas and how-tos from there!

***photography by teen blogger and aspiring photographer suzy ahlman***

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