happy 4th july weekend my american mums!  and to those of you lovelies who don't live in the u.s.a. i hope you are having a glorious start to your weekend!

earlier this week on my instagram, i shared why i loved this very land that i live in.  and with it being the eve of america's birthday, i thought i would share my thoughts here as well.

aside from being a mother, there is nothing i am prouder of than being an american girl.

i love my country.

so much!

i love it because my family is free to flourish and prosper.

i love it because it's lands are majestically beautiful.

i love it because my children are taught that their dreams really do come true.

i love it because it's people are fearless.

i love it because we are all free to celebrate and embrace who we truly are.

i love my country.

and i will forever be grateful to those who gave and continue to give it their all to help keep this land that i