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hey mums!

it's hard to believe, but this is the last installment of my "fashion & business" mini series!

i hope you've had as much fun with it as i have.  this social media business is constantly ebbing and flowing but the things i've shared are tried and true practices by some many of us in the digital world.  so, i've hope they've worked for you too, and that you've even been able to put your own twist on things, because at the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy!

and speaking of happy...

one thing that always brings a smile to my face is wearing midi-skirts, graphic tees, and networking.

now, when it comes to graphic tees you can get them anywhere.  something that i absolutely love.  but, for those of us who are countlessly coming up with phrases with think are good enough to be on a t-shirt, there are companies that can make that dream a reality.  my personal favorite is at cost 1 apparel.  not only do they have an endless variety of t-shirt styles to choose from but they also have a swanky design studio that easily lets you design the t-shirt of your apparel dreams!  and that, my dear sweet friends is exactly what i used to create the graphic tees that i'm featuring in this post.  i may be biased, but i think their pretty swell!

once you have your shirt, all that's left, is styling it.  something that i think is super easy because graphic tee are extremely transitional.  and for any mum that likes to stretch her dollar, graphic tees are the perfect transitional piece for your closet.  

i, wore mine two ways.

photography by justin hackworth or brooke dennis for alt summit and suzy ahlman.

1) business glam-blazer and mico floral trousers with strappy black stiletto heels.

2) nerdy chic-midi skirt, wedges, and of course...glasses. and speaking of the midi skirt.  i had mine custom made by the incredibly talented miss taylor.  owner and designer of taylored custom creations.  this girl can make anything you can think of.  and if you haven't gathered from this post, i love any opportunity i have to put my own personal twist on the fashion i wear.

now on to the business.  when it comes to being and entrepreneur, one of my favorite things to do is network.  i love meeting and working with people.  what can i say, i'm a people person!

so, if you are thinking of starting a blog, business, etc.  or are just getting started with pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, here are some things you should know about networking.

1) when going any place that you could potentially meet new collaborators, always have your business cards with you.  these are your tangible calling cards that give people an idea of what you are all about and help make you unforgettable.

2) smile and socialize.  think about it.  when you are in a room full of people don't yet know.  who are the ones you are drawn to most.  those who are happily interacting with others.  or those standing against the wall?

3) always have a few collaborative ideas at the ready that can easily be tweaked to meet the specific needs of those you are wanting to work with. 

4) make personal connections.  whether its through your love of fashion, the number of kids that you have, the places you like to travel.  while talking to those that you want know better and network with, find a way in which you can easily relate to one another.  this can instantly deepen the willingness a potential collaborator may have to when it comes to networking with you.

5) follow through....and with haste.  whenever you have shared networking ideas, projects, etc. with other individuals, make sure to follow through with an e-mail a few days after your physical meeting.

bada bing. bada boom!

if you follow those five steps, your networking opportunities will be endless!

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