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just like i promised on monday, today i will be sharing all about the bubble station that i helped create and oversee with my dearest friends natashia and jacquelinne for the picnic party at alt summit this last month.  and, unlike my standard write-ups that i do here on mumsy, this particular post will be in format of a round robin.  which means that if you want to see how the whole event came together, and even snag a few ideas and tips for any upcoming summer soirees you may have, then you have to go to natashia's website for fun tutorial on how to make ginormous life-size bubbles and jacquelinne's website for tips on how to make simple yet stunning floral arrangements.

as for me, i will be talking about the incredible balloon garland and photo back drop that i worked on for this event.

now, balloon garlands and photo backdrops have been used/featured in countless events, website features, photoshoots, etc.  but us three gals made ours different from the rest by sticking to one color pallet for the garland adding variated sizes of balloons, using sporadic spouts of marbled balloons, and incorporating a mixture of fresh greenery with beautiful crepe paper flowers.

[photography by the always sensational katie dudley]

it make look like a lot of work, but it really isn't.  honest!  the main thing you need, is time.

here's what you do...


* string or yarn

* scissors

* standard sized balloons-we got ours plain colored ones from zurchers and our marbled ones from knot & bow

* electric balloon pump

* metal ground stakes

* large helium filled balloons

extra- flowers and greenery (tissue paper, fake, or real)  

floral garlands-as mentioned before, we opted for fresh greenery intermixed with stunning crepe paper flowers from the lovely ave

how to:

1) decide how long you want your garland to be and then cut that length off from your spool of yarn or string.

2) on each end of your string/yarn, tie a loop so that you can later stake it into the ground.

3) start filling up your balloons with your electric pump.

note: we filled ours up in various sizes to add depth to the garland.

A N D we didn't blow up all of our balloons at once.  we did about half, tied them on to the string, and then went from there.

4) tie on balloons.

you will do this by alternating between the sizes and colors of balloons you tie next to each other.  ensuring to tie them closely together to create the same full look that we created.

5) optional: decorate your garland by placing flowers and greenery in between the balloons along various lengths of the garland.

6) stick a metal ground stake through the two loops you created at each end of your garland and securely stake your garland to the ground.

7) add the large balloons.  behind the garland; securely staking them to the ground with your remaining metal stakes and then decorate each large balloon string with a floral garland.  again, ours was a mixture of fresh eucalyptus leaves and crepe paper flowers.

*note: the number of large balloons that you use will depend on the length of you garland and that spacing that you place between each large balloon.

and viola!  your masterpiece is complete!  

p.s. if you haven't already, head on over to my instagram account.  at 9:00 a.m. i'll be hosting a really fun giveaway for this round robin feature!


huge thanks again to all the contributors for this event!

shabby apple
little sapling toys
knot and bow
the lovely ave
katie dudley photography

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