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k.  now for the fashion.

i love fashion.  i may be quite the amateur when it comes to posing in it.  haha.  but i love it none-the-less. especially when its colorful, bold, and girly.  there's just something about a good twirling dress that makes me all sorts of giddy!

last week, two my dear friends and i went to alt summit.  a week long semi-annual conference for creatives that takes place here in utah.  

wanting to make a good impression on all the incredible people i would meet, i knew a great way to do this would be through what i wore.  because i feel it is an instant way for people to get a feel for who i am as person.  so, i reached out to some of my favorite clothing companies and teamed up with them to help me go that extra mile in putting my best foot forward; and i'll be sharing their fun looks for the next few weeks here on mumsy.  ending with an awesome giveaway that will included amazing prizes from all of the companies i feature!

first up is down east basics.

since dying my hair blue, i have been gravitating to similar hues and bolder designs/styles.  so i instantly fell in love with this shout out dress; and thought the geo necklace would perfectly compliment the and coordinate with the bold stripes in the attire.  after that, i decided to contrast my metal pallets and went for a silver clutch i've had for years.  finishing off the outfit with some killer black gladiator heels that added that extra special flare to the modern geometric look i was going for.

for more fun looks and options, visit down east basics.  they're even having an amazing sale right now.  and you know how much i love me a good sale!

once again, all of the incredible photography is by my super fly photographer Katie.

A N D 

my fabulous blue hair was done by my friends at Pureza Spa.

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