the other day i sat down to fill out my calendar for the next couple weeks and couldn't believe that father's day was almost here.  and as i realize that, i instantly began to think about gift ideas; which instantly started to give me anxiety because, i always feel like the standard tie doesn't cut it as a gift anymore. 

instead, it seems like moms are required to help their children create one of a kind, homemade, pinterest worthy masterpieces.  which is fine if you're an arts and crafts jedi.  i on the other hand am far from that.  but, i do like to help my children give Dave something that is meaningful and one-of-a-kind to him.  so, this year, i decided to photograph each of my children holding up a chalkboard sign with fun, personal phrases written across them.  of course, some phrases like 'dad is a jelly bean' or 'dad is stinky' snuck into the brainstorming process.  but in the end, we came up with things like 'dad rocks' and '#1 dad' to write on their signs.

once our phrases were chosen, i dressed the kids up and headed over to my neighbor's beautiful home for a fun mini photo shoot with my little cuties.  now, all that's left is to print the pictures off in the standard wallet size, place them inside homemade cards, and present them over breakfast in bed.

 the kids had so much fun creating this gift that they've recently asked if they could do it again.  so maybe we will make this a new father's day tradition. 

either way, i have learned that it isn't about the gift you give, but the love that you put into it.  and this one is over flowing!  making me just as excited as the kids to give these fun pictures to dave on father's day.   because dave is truly the best of the best!

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