{click  H E R E  to view the first ever summer issue of musmy magazine!}

gah!  i am so so excited to be announcing that mumsy will now be doing a seasonal look book!  and…today i am releasing the very first issue. (!!!!!)  but, this isn't just your average look book.  along with the amazing product features, it will also contain mini articles and some other fun things that will inspire and excite you for each new season.  So, it will be more like a mini-magazine; and i am so so excited!

when i realized it would just be me running mumsy, i was beyond scared, nervous, and down right panicked.  still am.  but, i have had some pretty incredible experiences happen that have let me know good and clear this is what i'm supposed to be doing with my life right now.  so i'm picking up my skirts and getting to work!  and so are a bunch of other people.  one of which is jacquelinne altom.  a dear friend of mine who gave me the idea to start this fun new venture in the first place; and is also the editorial designer and stylist behind this fun new project!  this chica has put countless hours into this project and the relaunching of mumsy.  she is beyond talented, and i am forever grateful to have a girl like her in my corner! 

with all that being said, i want to invited you to pour yourself a fruity drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading through the first issue of mumsy magazine!  

happy june!

p.s. i am obsessed with the skirts and floral crowns we got to wear for this shoot!  to grab the sources of each, visit the the look book for their links!

Photography by: Diana Putnam Photography


  1. The magazine looks so good! You and Jaquelinne did an amazing job!