happy monday!  i still can't believe it has been a week since that launching of mumsy magazine.  and guys, i can't believe how successful this project has been!  i'm talking...

1,2227 views and 52 shares and embeds during the first two days of the magazines release!  seriously!  so so amazing!  

with that being said, this magazine couldn't have been created without the amazing talents of jacquelinne altom and diana putnam.  so, i am devoting today to these incredible women along with the countless incredible images from the magazine photo shoot that hit the cutting room floor.

first up is jacquelinne.  

if you're a regular here at mumsy, then you know that she is the visionary graphic designer behind my beautiful new web design and the breathtaking layout and design of mumsy magazine.  her work is absolutely stunning and precisely fits the name of her website, 'STRIVE'.  because, with each new project jacquelinne takes on, she is continually striving to push beyond herself to create the most beautiful web designs, business cards, look books (and so much more!) that anyone has every laid their eyes on!  jacquelinne is an incredible woman.  someone i was blessed to meet by happenstance last spring at a local creatives seminar.  which i'm convinced was fate; because we instantly became dear dear friends to one another.  and that doesn't always happen.  trust me.  so i count my lucky stars and thank the heavens above that i have had the great privilege of knowing and learning from jacquelinne!  

then, there's diana.  

ironically, i met diana through jacquelinne during a spring look book photo shoot the two of them were working on for another website.  though diana had worked with many of my social media friends and i had seen endless amounts of diana's incredible photography on Instagram prior to our meeting, i hadn't yet got to meet this sensational woman in person.  so, when i finally got that chance, i was beyond excited!  because, like the countless amounts of bloggers that exist, there are just as many photographers.  some are absolutely amazing, but others...not so much.  diana, however, is one of the best in her industry.  always willing to go above and beyond to get the perfect shot, diana isn't afraid to capture beautiful photographs in the worst of circumstances (i.e. on the day of our photo shoot for mumsy magazine, it was cold, pouring heaving amounts of rain, and windy beyond belief.  but, being the incredible professional that she is, diana stuck it out with us and captured absolute magic through the lens of her camera).

there simply isn't a time limit or page length to the countless things i could say about these incredible women.

but, i'll end with this.

mumsy magazine has been a sensational hit!  and it's all because of these two!  though i would love nothing more than to keep them and their talents all to myself, i believe that the entire world needs to know about jacquelinne and diana!  so, the next time you are in need of some photography or graphic design work.  contact these gals.  seriously!  i promise you will be far from disappointed if you do!

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