though mumsy has become a place that is now more about my personal experiences as a mother and woman in the modern world.  it will forever be a place that celebrates amazing people doing incredible things.  so, today i wanted to share the second installment of a six part series called "motherhood is…".  you can see the first one I did H E R E, and get more insight on what the project is.

since we just celebrated memorial day a few days ago, i thought megan goodrich would be the perfect woman to share insights on what motherhood is to her.  i personally, have known megan for just over 5 years.  and, there isn't a day that goes by in which i am not learning something new from her.  she is truly one of kind, and I can't wait for you to read what she has to share!

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First I want to say “I Love the Military. The people, the experience, the life”.  I grew up in the Military …a Navy Brat. My father was enlisted my whole childhood and retired the year I graduated from high school (25 yrs. of service). I have such great memories of my childhood and most are military related. We moved a lot (Mostly around California and a little while in Washington. I have been on every type of ship they had back in those days and even got to go on a tiger cruise ( when the kids get to ride to or from a destination on the ship ) my sister and I rode back from Hawaii to San Diego . I loved my dad in uniform and what he stood for. I’m very proud of him and his service.

Growing up I knew I wanted to marry a military man or join myself. I wanted that life for my family. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards for me to join. Law Enforcement was a pretty close though. I have been an intern with the fire dept. graduating from the fire and ems academies, an EMT- Advanced, wild land fire fighter and correctional officer at the prison. But by far my most challenging and rewarding job of all has been a military wife and stay at home mom.  

Military families are a lot like those of law enforcement, firefighters, and ems: They don’t always work a normal work schedule.  Our kids enjoy the same activities and schooling most of the time. And they put their life on the line for others regularly. The big difference is deployment.

 I married my first husband (a naval reservist) in 1996. We had three boys (8, 6 & 2) when he deployed to Kuwait for 10 months. It was my first experience as the wife during a deployment. I knew what my children would be experiencing, having been there myself a lot as a child. But I really didn’t realize what my mother had been through during my father’s many deployments. Back when I was a kid it would be weeks without communication. We’d have to wait for letters to arrive. Mine was only slightly better as we got phone calls sporadically. Both never knew when or how long until the next contact.
Military spouses have to be quick learners. You either sink or learn to swim because at some point you’ll be on your own. Car problems, house issues, bills, children and everything else life throws at you when your spouse is gone. They didn’t have many resources for us during my first deployment we had an address to send letters and packages. And the emergency contact number. That was all. My family was an hour away and his family had little to do with us while he was gone, so I was pretty much on my own.
So long story short we survived the deployment.  However, not all stories have happy endings though, and without going into detail. My husband returned like so many others a changed man. PTSD was not something they really wanted to acknowledge but it was very evident looking back years later.  Unfortunately that marriage ended in divorce while I was pregnant with my daughter after 10+yrs of marriage.

Fast forward two very difficult years to our neighborhood 4th of July block party where I met my amazing husband and his two kids. We met during the water balloon toss. He was standing next to my mother and caught his balloon which exploded right over her I got a great action shot, which I proceeded to show him. Yes my hands were shaking and he noticed. That started what was to be known as “The ward love story”.  He is everything I wanted in a husband and father including a military man, Army. I Love a man in uniform. So we started our life together with six kids. Two years after we were married, and I was pregnant with our son when he was deployed to Iraq for a year.  

They wouldn’t induce me early but I am thankful for Skype. My husband was able to be by my side virtually. We did get to travel to Washington (where they were training) the weekend before they left. So he got to meet/see his son when he was only 10 days old. He got to Skype with us fairly often when he was deployed so he got to watch our son grow. He learned to crawl by putting the laptop on the floor with him as his daddy talked to him. I would also prop him on the couch with the headphones on and he would just stare at the screen. He never cried during his skype sessions with his dad. The military had an amazing program that allowed the soldiers to record themselves reading books to their kids. My husband sent each of our children their own book of him reading. The kids would watch them over and over, especially when they were really missing him. The baby would crawl to the screen and stand in front of it the whole time.

 We did fun things like help send Christmas stockings and tried to send care packages as often as we could afford. At Christmas time I had sent my husband the little recording devices that they put in the build a bears. He recorded a message to each of our kids and sent them back to me. That Christmas Eve I took the kids as a surprise to build a bear and let them make a bear and got little army uniforms for all of them, then I secretly had the lady place the recordings in each bear. When we left the store we sat in a circle outside and I had them play their message. They were all so happy and shocked, “How did daddy do that?” It was the best gift for them to be able to hug their bear and hear his voice whenever they needed him. They all still have their bears.  

He was able to come home for what they call mid tour leave for a week. I will tell you this, I don’t recommend they come home.  Next time I will fly somewhere to meet him or let him just go wherever he wants just not home. It was so hard to see him and then have him leave again. It was devastating for me and the kids. The upside is he did get to bless our son who was now about 6 months old. He returned just prior to his 1st birthday. It was one of the best days of my life to see him walking off that plane. I cry every time I watch a show or video of soldiers returning home, because I‘ve been in their shoes.  It was because of this opportunity though that we were able to make the necessary changes financially so that I was able to finally quit my job and be a stay at home mom. So even though it was one of the most challenging time in my life it was so worth it.

 The military has come a long way in realizing the importance of supporting the family as well as the soldier. We had tons of support and resources available to use prior, during and even after the deployment.

My husband is full time active duty. We now have 8 children (6 boys, 2 girls, 3yrs-19yrs) Live in a fabulous neighborhood. I’m enjoying my challenge as a stay at home mom (after 3yrs I still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing) . Dealing with inmates was easier then managing a toddler and preschooler. But I love it.

Yes I tear up anytime I hear a song, read a story about our military , our flag , our country . My family enjoys every chance we get to show our love and support for the military and our country. Because we know we stand for freedom. And we have/will continue to live, love and sacrifice every day to protect it.

I’m proud to be an American and an Army Wife.
God Bless America and our Military Families both past, present and future.

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{all of the beautiful photography of megan was by the incredibly talented justin hackworth.  you can check out more of his amazing work H E R E.}


  1. wonderful article...amazing woman
    It's a privilege to know her.

  2. Thanks so much grammyD! Megan is truly one of kind and such a wonderful addition to this series!