forever young.  since turning 29 (i know, i know...cry you a freakin' river.  lol!) i have thought a lot about this.  not only because i am one year shy of turning 30, but because i have also started noticing minor bags, sags, and wrinkles in places that were once void of these heinous things.  wanting tap into the infamous fountain of youth, I decided to contact my friend briana johnson who is a distributor of Nerium AD.  an age-reducing facial application that smooths out your skin and enhances your inner glow.  somethng i am usually a skeptic of.  but have been completely won over after trying this magical stuff!  especially, when i found out part of their proceeds go to helping the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation.  i'm a complete sucker for an awesome charity.  plus, with summer finally here, the majority of us will be spending most of our time out in the sun.  making now is the perfect time to get yourself the best wrinkle prevention cream there is.  so, make sure to visit briana H E R E and save yourself from worrying about one less thing this season.

with all that being said, i think purchased age-prolonging products are only half of the equation when it comes to retaining your youth.  the other half, i think, has to do with what's happening on the inside of us.  and by that, i mean our thought and our feelings.  if our good thoughts and feelings aren't outweighing the negative things we can think and feel, then that negativity can literally begin to show (in a bad way) on our outward appearance.  and to show that i'm not the only one saying this, i found others saying the same thing H E R E, H E R E, and H E R E.

before using nerium ad.

 me two weeks after using nerium ad.  i still cant get over how glowy my skin is in the picture!  and the crows feet wrinkles that were starting to form on the outer sides of my eyes are completely gone.  so cool! 

now, i am far from being an expert.  but, i do know that when it comes down to it, i am the only one who can determine how i do and don't feel.  so, here's how i do that.

1) try new things.  they keep things fun and exciting.  for me it was recently learning how to make floral crowns at an intimate private event with some of the most influential females i have loved and admired for years.  i was beyond nervous to be rubbing elbows with them at this event because i am just little ol person in the social media world.  but i knew if i stuck my head in the sand and didn't go, i would eventually regret it.  so i mustered up all my courage, went, and had one of the best experiences of my life! and because of that, i decided to use the pictures form that event for this post. 

2) let the little things go.  there are things to mull over and things to move on from.  if the negative experience(s) you are dealing with doesn't effect the course in life you want to take, your character, or anything else of that caliber, then "let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!"

3) find more reasons to smile.  you use more facial muscles to frown.  so the more  you smile, the fewer potential wrinkles you are creating!

4) love love love.  the purest forms of happiness always come when you are selflessly loving those around you.  plus, karma always notices the good and the bad.  and frankly, i would always rather be on it's good side!

5) believe in yourself.  i once heard that the people who no one imagines anything of, are usually the ones who do the things that no one can imagine.  so have courage and work hard because you are going to prove everyone else wrong.

6) think happy thoughts.  if you're constantly thinking happy thoughts, there's hardly any room left for negativity to linger in.

and there you have it.  whenever i get a compliment from someone, it's usually about how happy i am.  of course, i have my down and very scary dark days.  we all have them.  but, i try to limit those days as much as i can because i truly believe that if you act a certain way for long enough, it will begin to permanently show in your stance and on your face.  and i'd always prefer to look more like a glowing goddess than a scowling hunched over troll!


  1. Michelle! What a beautiful post! I completely agree that positive thoughts can have a profound effect on the inside and outside. These were great reminders. xo!

  2. Thanks so much for you kind words Jane! I just love your company and what you are all about! Thanks for making that night so memorable! XX!