i'm a huge sucker for aztec prints and you guessed  i have this weird complex obsession with the desert and anything that blooms.  so when given the chance to combine the two together i jump at the opportunity!

of course, some aztec prints are a little overkill for me.  so when i wear this particular pattern, i tend to wear it in neutral colors.  and in case you missed it, you can read all about my love for neutral colors H E R E.

this time around, i kept the combination of these two elements more simplified, going for a classic black and white aztec print pencil skirt and basic v-neck shirt in peach from color me apparel and a mostly monochramatic pink floral crown from trendy.touch.  overall, this is one of my favorite looks because it was the perfect mixture of timeless and current pieces making it an outfit that i can wear at home with my kids or when i'm on a hot date with my husband.  and yes, i really do wear outfits like this when i'm doing day to day "mom stuff" because it makes me happy.  and when you're changing 15 diapers a day, doing endless loads of dishes, playing referee to blood drawing sibling squalls and scraping boogers off of walls, inner happiness is what keeps me from screaming like a lunatic and running for the hills!

and speaking of happiness...pretty pictures make me happy and i be they do the same for you too!

so, if you are wanting to learn how to up your anty when it comes to the pictures you take for instagram, then you're in luck; because that's what i'm talking about today!

when it comes to creating a popular instagram account.  the quality of images is crucial because that is what determines whether or not a person is going to look further into your feed and hopefully even follow.  now, i have only been doing instagram for 1.5 years, but i have picked up on the following 6 skills that will strengthen your success at growing your following.

1) only take your pictures in natural light.  never, and i repeat never, use your flash!  mmmmm'kay?!

2) move around.  try taking your picture from different heights and angles to get the best view of what you are trying to capture.

3) keep it candid.  when it comes to taking pictures of others or yourself, the majority of people like real life shots because they can relate to them way more than any posed images.  Click H E R E for a good example.

4) editing apps are your friend.  use them!  my favorites are psexpress, vsco, and snapseed.  try these ones out or find ones that work for you, then edit away.

5) keep the editing techniques of your images consistent with one another.  for me personally, i want my feed to be bright and colorful.  so when it comes to editing my pictures i turn up the exposure, increase the contrast, decrease the shadows, and heighten the vibrance.  but, like i said, that's what i personally like for my own feed which means your tastes are most likely different from mine.  and, if you're still trying to figure out what they are in the world of instagram, check out these other handles to get a better feel for what you do/don't like.

6) take a lot of pics.  it's all about options people!

Here's to conquering the world of IG!

photography by my girl katie dudley

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  1. this outfit is beautiful and katie is amazing! you shouldl add it to my new fashion linkup post! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. You're so sweet Sandy! Thanks love! And, I just did! Such a fun thing that you are doing!