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on tuesday i mentioned that my love of fashion would be taking over for the next little bit here on mumsy.  but, since this isn't specifically a fashion website, i thought i would mix things up a bit and also share some awesome information on how to grow your brand and your social media followings.  

but first, the fashion.  because i'm a fashionista a heart and it would practically be a sin to not start with that when i'm doing a fashion feature.

so, today i wanted to gush about my love for neutrals.  i love them.  a lot.  though i am obsessed with items that are edgy, colorful, and loud.  i also like to incorporate more mellow and neutrals pieces into my wardrobe because these pieces give me more to work with when it comes to me wanting to wear a bolder accessory, shoe, or article of clothing.  plus, i'm a mom on a budget.  and though modern and current clothing is fun to wear.  it is just that.  current.  however, classic clothing designs and color pallets are timeless; allowing you keep and wear certain fashion items for years.  something i am very guilty of!

out of all the styles, designs, and colors that are in the world of fashion, some of my favorites are blue, tan, and white hues and A-line skirts and button down blouses.  you can't get much simpler than that.  and i love it because there are so many different ways you can mix those things with items that are currently trending.

here's how created my own version of a classic ensemble with a slightly current twist with clothing from pleated empire and accessories from aristochic boutique.

[ all photos by katie dudley photography ]

now for the business.  there are a lot of things one should focus on when specifically trying to create a brand.  one of which, is instagram.  as of right now, instagram is one of the best, if not the very best, tool for a blogger, business, photographer, etc. to use to grow their brand.  everyone is on it, and following specific people for specific reasons.  with hundreds of thousands of people using instagram it can become very overwhelming when you are trying to grow your brand in this realm of the social media world.  

but, there are three tried and true tricks that i recently learned from big time social media influences that will help you quickly grow your instagram following.

1) organically-using your passion, acquired social media skills (yes, you have to study up on this stuff), strategy, and a lot-and i mean A LOT- of hard work, you can gain endless amounts of instagram followers without having to buy them.

2) contests and gimmicks-simple as that.  find people that are giving away on trend items, ask them to be part of a giveaway, and begin to acquire followers through this fun strategy.

3) get lucky-at the end of the day, gaining new followers on instagram is a guessing game.  you just have to do what works best for you and what you are most comfortable with doing.  but, some things you can do/use to help you strike it rich are...

* take note of which pictures are getting the most likes/comments and post more of those.

* use websites like iconosquare to help you track when the prime times are for you to post.

* take good, eye-catching pictures and edit them!  some of my favorite editing apps are psexpress, vsco, and snapseed.

*try really hard to comment back and like others' images all the time!

* use lots of #.  but not the ones that have a million images linked to them because your pictures will quickly get lost.  use # that still get a lot of traffic but also keep your image toward the top of its feed for the longest amount possible.

and there ya have it!  happy instagramming!

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