i know, i know, i've been sharing a lot of fashion lately.  but it's something that makes me happy.  and part of mumsy's motto is encouraging women to find what makes them happy.  style does that for me. especially when i can put together and entire outfit for $50 or less.  so far, all of the outfits i've ever shown in this series, and in the entirety of mumsy have totaled no more than that.

however, the outfit i'm featuring today goes above my standard fashion budget.  and that's o.k. because it was for a very special occasion, and i believe that every now and again, a girl is entitled to saving up her dollars and splurging on a truly dynamite outfit for an important event, or heck, just even because she felt like it. 

for my fashion feature today, i wanted to focus on girly glam.  something i have always been obsessed with.  i love rocking the basic jean and t-shirt look, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about wearing dresses, heels, pink, and frills that makes me feel like i have that certain je ne sais quois.  and i love it!  

in the first post i did for this mini-series, i mentioned the incredible opportunity i had to go to one of the meccas of conferences for creatives.  this was a H U G E deal for me, because i was able to go for free after having won a major design contest that was help on instagram.  a part from getting to attend the near week long conference for free, i and two of my gal pals also got to help create and host an event for the conferences closing picnic party (something i will talk about in a fun round robin post on wednesday.  so stay tuned!

like i said before, this was a huge deal!  and i really wanted to make a lasting impression on all the important people i would meet.  so, with the help of shabby apple and joyfolie i was able to put together a look that said, "hey! my name's michelle.  i'm awesome and you're gonna love me!"  haha!  but even if they didn't love me, i love me ( and this outfit).  and that's all that matters.

[ photography by the magnificent katie dudley ]


just like you can engage an audience with what you are wearing, you can also engage an audience in the social media too.  Here's how you do that...

1) be truthful and purposeful with what you post.

2) find your voice!

3) determine the purpose of your social media feed.
is it a:
*glimpse into your life?

*place of inspiration?

*chance to sale your product (if you have a shop)?

* lifestyle?

whatever it is, don't be afraid to be different.  try and few things out until you find what works for you and your audience.  find your own, je ne sais quois!

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dress: shabby apple | shoes: joyfolie | necklace: joyfolie

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  1. i LOVE our outfit and i LOVE this post girly!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Thanks so much Sandy! It was such a fun post to put together!