I've said it once, and I'll say it for swimming suits give me HUGE anxiety.  Any one else?  Each and every time I go, my inner criticizing you know what has something negative to say about the body that is starring back at me in the changing room mirror. 

Even though I consider myself to have a very healthy level of self-confidence and love, it's still incredibly easy for me to let of that go and instantly succumb to the evil voices inside my head.   And, I know I'm not the only one, because there have been many a GNOs (Girls' Night Outs) in my life where my friends and I will meander to the topic of swim suit season and quickly begin to talk about all the things we dislike about our bodies. 
Even though I am an eager participant in this specific type of conversation it still saddens me to think about how quickly we as women are willing to critique our beautiful healthy bodies when we know that they are nothing short of an amazing gift!  Though I could go on and on about this topic, as I'm sure you could too, I'm going to hold off, because I will be talking about it more next month.  So stay tuned!
However, I will say, that for the millions of unique bodies that exist, there is also a swimming suit that flatters every physical asset out there.  It's just a matter digging deep until we strike it rich with the perfect one.
So, whether you're an hourglass, pear, apple or rectangle (if you don't know what body type you are, then Google it.  Haha!) may I suggest really getting to know your body so that when you do go swim suit shopping, you know just what to grab off the racks to make your whole "Trying On" process one of enjoyment instead of self loathing.
Remember, every body out there has some sort of flaw or imperfection.  But, it is those very things that make us so beautifully intriguing in the first place!

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