if you read tuesday's post, you probably saw that my birthday was on may 5th.  i love birthdays!  especially my own!  i just think there is something so magical about turning one year older and anticipating all the amazing things that will happen during your next year of life.  plus, i'd be lying if i also didn't say i loved it for the cake and presents too!  ha!  but, this year i turned 29 and i found myself having a mini mid-life crisis.  something i never thought i'd go through when it came to my age.  because i sincerely thought that type of thing only happened to people who had a hard time coping with change. 

 i was dead wrong.  

for some reason, entering the final year of my 20's put me through a whirl wind of emotions that i couldn't quite put my finger on.  maybe its because i might have notice some minor wrinkles (AGH!), or maybe its because i haven't quite accomplished all that i set out to do before i turned 30.  who knows.  but, despite my mini onset of anxiety, i've still been able to recognize all the incredibly amazing things i have so far done with my life.  like graduating from college, traveling some of the world,  being married to my sweet husband, having my three kids, living in an incredible city, and finding dear friends who love me for who i am.  so, though my skin may be starting to wrinkle and my "things to do before i'm 30" check off list isn't fully complete, i wanted to celebrate how blessed i've truly been.  and decided to do so with a mini birthday brunch at one of my favorite local restaurants with some of the most incredible women i've ever met.


even though we were probably the most obnoxious group there, the party was perfect!  surrounding myself with amazing people and delicious food was just what i needed to get off my wallowing butt, kick all my aging doubts to the curb and really celebrate my final year as a 20-something.  

of course, any birthday celebration of mine wouldn't be complete without dessert and party favors.  so i got the most delicious sugar cookies from, the fix, and absolutely amazing jewelry for each of my guests from geo city jewelry.

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