Tonight I sit with my littlest baby on my lap while typing. She turns her head and looks at the computer screen and then her head swivels around and she looks at me. Her big brown eyes meet mine and I notice her long eyelashes and dimpled smile. My heart is filled at the moment.
While I absolutely love what Mumsy stands for, heck I helped create it, I want to be honest that there were times for the last six months I have not been fulfilled here. I remember months ago sitting at a social event. Friends were there and it was really a engaging event but I looked around at one point and thought, "I miss my kids." This longing was a sign to me that I needed to reevaluate my priorities and my creative road.
 I have been doing a lot of contemplating about my priorities and what is important in my life. And I know this is different for everyone. But, I have to admit that I've been thinking about this for a while. And then recently a friend posted this quote, "The average woman today, I believe, would do well to appraise her interests, evaluate the activities in which she is engaged, and then take steps to simplify her life, putting things of first importance first, placing emphasis where the rewards will be greatest and most enduring, and ridding herself of the less rewarding activities." -Belle Spafford   
I am grateful for how Mumsy has helped me to find myself creatively. Because of building Mumsy I found myself again and this path is one I will cherish my whole life. I am also so grateful for the connections and experience I have gained while blogging here. But as I have felt these feelings mentioned above it came to me one day that my time at Mumsy was coming to an end. I wasn't feeling fulfilled here.
Most of you probably don't know, but while writing here at Mumsy I have also been drawing behind the scenes. Maybe that isn't a surprise, I hope not. I have always been artistic and had hopes of a career in the art field. In fact art is my passion.

As a child my family would drive past the Disney animation studio in Southern California while visiting my grandparents there. Whenever I would see that large Mickey hat in the front I dreamed of being an animator. While my goals have shifted I still would like to become an illustrator and progress my skills in painting.

So in conjunction of spending more time with my family, I am filled with happiness to announce that I am going to focus more on my artistic talents at this time! And the exciting thing is I'll still be around if you want to say hello. In fact, I have created a space just for documenting my new creative journey called Canary Jane and an Etsy shop for my illustrations and artwork!

 Come and check it all out. And below is an example of something you might see in my shop. This blog will basically be my creative journal. I will be documenting how I progress artistically and just as Mumsy was apart of my road, I am excited to document future paths as well. Heck, maybe one day I'll look back at my first Etsy shop and smile. Maybe my children will read my blog later and think, man I was a crazy kid. Either way, I know my creative journey is just beginning and I can't wait to see it unfold.
Friends, I am so excited for this new chapter in my life! Have you ever been at the beginning of a new path in life and felt the excitement? For me this path is a dream come true. As the quote stated, I have identified my interests and now I am simplifying. I am hoping to spend more time with my family and drawing, my two loves.
I really love the mission of Mumsy and have felt privileged to be apart of all the amazing projects which I will recap tomorrow in a post about some of my favorite memories at Mumsy. Thank you all who have read or commented on my posts. I love you all and know you are all such beautiful kind souls. Seriously, this is one of the biggest reasons I love blogging, the community. Please stick around here at Mumsy and if you want to see my future fun be sure to head over. So much love to you all!

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