Guys this is super sad for me to be writing my last post here at Mumsy. It has been a super fun last year and a half. I have so many good memories of this chapter of my life. So today I'd like to share my favorite parts of blogging at Mumsy.
1. I loved sharing and journaling my life here at Mumsy. That's something I hope to continue. There's so much value to keeping a record so I have loved sharing my life with you all like in this post where I shared my sons third birthday. Why does time have to go so fast? He just turned four! Or when I shared my birth story with you all. Sharing this story I didn't know if one person would appreciate it, but I had so much positive feedback from that post. Thanks.  
2. It has been so wonderful to develop myself through the blog and come to find who I am and be comfortable with my current life. When I wrote about my acceptance of being just a mom that was a great point in my life and I'm grateful to have documented it. This confidence and internal identity is invaluable so thank you for cheering me on in life.

 3. This lady. So much history and fun has been had with this one. Michelle, thanks for laughing with me and being apart of my life. For all of you who didn't know Michelle and I were friends before the blog. The summer before the blog you could find us driving around hunting at yard sales. So many people have asked how we have blogged together, and I am so grateful to have blogged with this girl. We both worked our booties off and worked really hard to make our relationship work. Haha, there were times we would joke that it was like working on a marriage.
But I am so grateful to have spent TONS of countless hours up late with this woman. Last summer I had this crazy idea to participate in our community Chalk the Block competition and Michelle was awesome enough to agree. We paid for our own entry and drew until I don't even know when, multiple nights in a row, to get our picture done. We still never figured out why it took us sooo long to draw our picture but Michelle was right there by my side.
Oh so many memories with Michelle I could share. So many silly photo shoots. I remember our first one for our first blog profile pictures. I hardly knew what I was doing. And remember this corny photoshoot? Oh man, through this entire photoshoot I couldn't stop laughing. And Michelle would just laugh at me as I said random phrases.

 4. My favorite thing about Mumsy was the opportunity to spread positivity in the world. There is so much evil, I have been honored to be one small voice to say, "Stand for Good." I feel so grateful to have been apart of our Mums for a Cause Event and hope to support any future events like this or Mumsy.
Thanks to all the photographers, businesses, and especially you readers. I have loved getting to know so many of you and for sharing a piece of your life with me. I hope we can stay in touch and if you'd like to see where my path will be taking me please come check me out.
Big hugs!
P.S. Serious thanks to all the companies I worked with. Both our outfits were donated by the following companies and these lovely images were shot by Brittany Ting.
Tops and Skirts: Cents of Style

Handbags and accessories : Accessories in Style

 Rings : The Wire Druzy

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