Ways to Recycle

We just celebrated Earth Day this week and my family happened to be in Moab. We didn't even plan it but it was awesome to in such a beautiful place on a day when we can be oh so grateful for our world. Really we live in an amazing place. The fact that the world exists, thrives, and hosts so much life always astounds me.
So I propose a small goal to try to honor our lovely Earth. Pick one new habit to add to your life that can help preserve the Earth. My habit that I am implementing is using more reusable feeding items. I have been using these really awesome ouches to feed Nora called Resqueeze. They are reusable food pouches for kids. The bottom has a pinch able seal and  the top a screwing lid. You can put whatever you want inside as long as its thin enough. Some of our favorites are applesauce and yogurt. And when you're done they wash in your dishwasher just fine. While we were at Moab this last week it was so nice to be able to hand her a pouch and not have to worry about spoon feeding our little lady. So there's one way I am trying to consume less for our Earth.
Another way I purchased reusable bags for my sons lunch so I don't have to use as many Ziplocs. Here's a handful of ideas you can do to help our Earth and recycle more.
1. Turn off your computer at night.
2. Use reusable kitchenware and eatery. :)
3. Use a reusable water bottle.
4. Recycle glass.
5. Hang dry your laundry in the summer.
6. Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes.
7. Wash on cold if you can to conserve energy.
8. Get creative with gift wrap. Use old newspapers, maps, or brown paper bags from the store. Draw on them. Make it fun! 
9. Take a shorter shower.
10. When you brush your teeth make sure the water is off. Turn it on just to rinse.  
11. Shop at a thrift store.
12. Water your lawn in the early morning hours or night.
13. Use reusable grocery bags.
14. Pay bills online.
15. Use rechargeable batteries.
Ok so here's a few ideas to make a difference. If we all picked one thing to do think of the possibilities guys. A movement starts with one person. I know you may think, well the only way to make a difference is if we all do it. This is where we start. It can be small but it can make a difference. So happy late Earth day and let's keep our Earth as amazing as it is!!

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