Provo.  The city in which I live, will forever have my heart.  On June 1st, Dave and I will have to move out of the two bedroom, red brick house, that we have called home for nearly five years; and there are simply no words to describe how sad that makes me feel!  Though I know we have definitely grown out of this house, the thought of moving on from it is a hard one for me to wrap my head around.  For my children, this is the only home they have ever known and in the almost eight years in which Dave and I have been married, this place has by far been our favorite both because of it's location and the people that surround it!  So, instead of going on and on about my soon to be moving woes, I want to talk about one of my favorite neighbors and friends, Wendy Ahlman.

I first met Wendy back in 2007 when I enrolled into the Elementary Education Program at UVU.  Over the next two years we took many courses together and even taught side by side in Elementary schools.  After graduating in the Spring of 2010, I would see Wendy periodically over the next few years, mostly at yard sales, and we would quickly catch up on what we had each been up to.  Then, nearly two years ago, Wendy moved into a beautiful klinkerbrick home on my street, my children began going to her incredible preschool, and the rest is history.  It is people like Wendy who remind me I am loved and continually encourage me to be my very best (see why I don't want to move!!!). And with that being said, I am sooo excited to now share with you my next "People of Provo" video featuring this incredible woman and dearest friend of mine.

People of Provo: Wendy Ahlman from Joel R. Alba-The Orange Tie Affair
on Vimeo.


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