Life can get monotonous.  Especially for kids.  I can't tell you how many times I find myself wondering why my kids are so stir cray; realizing that for the past x amount of days we have done the exact same routine over and over again.  Which for me, is completely fine.  I love having a plan and knowing exactly what is coming next.  But, even I like a good healthy dose of spontaneity; so why wouldn't my kids too?

 Talk about having a "Hello stupid" epiphany!

As an educator, I was taught that children learn through exploring.  However, if children are constantly forced to do the same thing day in and day out, how are they ever going to full grow and develop?  Trust me, I want nothing more than to pull in the reigns on my own wild children; doing all that I can to micromanage each situation so I have a 100% guarantee that my kids will live to be adults.  Yet, I have realized that doing so would be one of the most detrimental things I could do as a mother.  Because, whatever my children learn now, is exactly what they will take into their adulthood.  And if they aren't getting the opportunity to be adventurous now, how are they ever going to learn to do so as an adult?

Which is why I have recently been doing my best to ease up on the regimented helicopter parent I know I can be and give my kids a little more room to seek out the adventures they need to flourish as little human beings; especially when it comes to the great outdoors.  Because, aside from one-on-one time with their parents, I truly believe that children learn best from the world around them.  Nature is one of the best resources us parents can use to foster an eternal curiosity within each of our sweet babes.  To put it simply, the value of outdoor adventures, small or large, cannot be underestimated or equaled; and, with summer just around the corner, getting outside will be easier than ever.  So, sit down with your sweet little kiddos and begin making a list of outdoor adventures they would like to do this year and make sure to get out and do them.  I did this very same thing with my children and has been so much fun to see what they are truly interested in when it comes to outdoor adventures.  

Here is what they came up with.

Outdoor Adventure Checklist

1) Catch bugs.

2) Make mud cakes.

3) Go to the lake (something we just did when we went to my family's cabin.  And, not that I'm trying to promote it or anything, BUT...if you like to fish or are simply looking for the perfect summer getaway, you should definitely check this place out and book your next destination vacay there!).

4) Climb trees.

5) Go to the desert to look for snakes and lizards (not too sure about the reptile part of this.  Lordy!) 

6) Look at the stars.

7) Go on nature walks.

8) Collect rocks.

9) Go camping.

10) Go fishing.

There is plenty of time for routine and regiment in adulthood.  It drags on forever!  But childhood, is fleeting.  A blink of an eye.   So let the chores, the errands, and the naps wait and go on an adventure!


P.S. Did you notice the MyMayu boots Birdie was wearing?  They are absolutely amazing and completely trump my kiddos standard rain boots!  As I mentioned above, we went to the lake this past weekend and I knew that the standard footwear just wouldn't cut it for my overly active and mischievous daughter.  So we brought along these boots and decided to test them out.  Not only did the inner fleece lining keep her feet nice an toasty from the freak winter-like storm that hit us; but thanks to the water resistant exterior she didn't have to deal with having soggy socks like she usually does whenever we go near a body of water.  If an outdoor water adventure is on your checklist, then make sure to check this incredible product out!


  1. YES! I love this post so much!

    1. We're so glad Katie! We bet you and your kids have so many adventures out where you live!