Spring Easter Kids Outfits

 I've decided spring is one of my favorite seasons. For me it marks the end of winter and brings a fresh warmth that my whole self has longed for. So with the new life and occasional allergies (I just sneezed) we had to celebrate SPRING here on the blog. You have to see all the fun pictures of our littles so keep scrolling and look for Michelle's Easter post at the bottom.
One perk I love about having lots of kids is their diversity. Seriously, all my kids have such different personalities. Take Daney right here below (dressed in the studly blue gingham), this kid is the most loveable animal around. Like he leeches to your leg or strangles your neck trying to give you a hug. He might cut off your air supply and think its funny, but yeah. Crazy kid.
 Tanner (in the teal bowtie) is my introvert with lots of bubbling emotions. He is also an insanely goofy child. Thankfully I was able to catch this goofball with this crazy face of his. Haha!

This is one crazy kid!
Tyson (in the gray gingham) is my oldest and acts like so. He is always trying to help or boss the other kids around. Haha! But he really has good intentions, which is why I have been teaching him that the way he thinks something should be done is not always how everyone has to do it. He loves puzzles and positive praise. Can I say seven year old are awesome?
Last up is my little princess. I know some of you are like, "Princess?". Yeah, don't worry she's going to be a warrior princess. She wont need rescuing or anything and if you've ever met this chica you know this is true. She tackles her older brothers and chases them everywhere. She is special and feminine like a princess but strong, so my warrior princess!
Ok ok, I know moms can write forever about their kiddos. Well didn't they look adorable?! Here's what they were wearing:
Dane: Gingham shirt from Kid 2 Kid.
Tanner: White shirt from Children's place and bowtie from Target
Tyson: Blue gingham shirt from Kid 2 Kid.
Nora: Hat from Little Sunhat, Dress from Flor De Luz, Shoes from Kid 2 Kid.
Alrighty its onto Michelles turn to spill the beans about her littles. Happiest of Easter to you all!

Oh my goodness!  Easter is this Sunday!  Can you believe it?!  I sure can't!  Recently, there has been so much going on in my little family of mine, that time just seemed to slip away.  Luckily, I somehow managed to stay just enough ahead of the curve to get my house semi-decorated, buy all the goodies for the Easter baskets, and select outfits for each of my kids. 

Wow, after writing all that out, I got a lot more done than I thought!  Haha!  Anyways...when it comes to the Easter fashion this year, I decided I wanted to tie in as many Spring related elements that I possibly could.  So, for me, that meant lots of pastels, florals, gingham, hats, and baby animals (I know, that last one sounds random but you'll see what I mean!).  Here's what I came up with!

Gus: Handmade Floral Tie, Gray Gingham Shirt from Kid-to-Kid, Pants from Carter's, and Newsie style hat from Gymboree.

 Birdie: Los Pajaritos Dress from Flor De Luz Shop, Green Sandals from Kid-to-Kid.

Bug: Green Striped Shirt from Kid-to-Kid, Pants from The Children's Place, Hat from Carter's.

Like any proud mother, I am simply dying over how cute my kids are and how wonderfully their outfits turned out.  Especially because each outfit was well under $30! I did myself proud! 

Now that I have the clothing out of the way, all that's left is filling the Easter Eggs with goodies, buying ingredients for our traditional Easter breakfast of bunny shaped cinnamon rolls and fruit, attending our city's Easter festivities, getting ready for a fun Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and watching General Conference (the best part of this entire weekend!)  Golly, I take back what I said earlier.  I still have A LOT to do!  But at least it's all fun stuff! Haha!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter too!   



  1. These sweet kids and spring outfits are adorable! Great job mamas!!!