Funtopia Fun

I am someone who loves to move. At home we dance. We actually call them dance parties. We walk often through our neighborhood. We ride bikes through the streets. We climb the mountains by our home. We move.
Spending time together and being active is just part of my life and my families way of living. My children thrive when they are able to move. Exercising our bodies is one of the best ways we bond as a family. My children have a lot of energy so when they move and can freely expend their energy  they act better and listen better which makes me a happier mom.

Well recently we were able to play at a fun rock climbing gym called Funtopia. It' a rock climbing gym made for families and kids and it was really so much fun!! If you don't believe me here's some pictures of all the fun we had!


And my favorite pictures of the night... oh taking pictures with kids is always an adventure. You just have to laugh.

Being at Funtopia was perfect for my four children, especially our active family. We had the best time! I hope you all have a great weekend being active with your families.

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