In a few weeks, my dear friend Nadine will be having her first baby girl!  Though she already has two children, I'm one of those people who thinks a mom should get to have baby shower with every child she has.  So, when I first found out Nadine was pregnant, I eagerly insisted that I throw her a baby shower; and luckily for me, she obliged!

With so many cute baby shower themes out there, I had a hard deciding what to do at first.  But, as the weeks go closer to her shower date, I finally came up with the idea to do a watercolor themed baby shower after seeing these darling watercolor meringues on Pinterest.  From there I began to plan a shower that had just the right amount of femininity balanced out with artistic elements of watercolor painting that so many people love.

Have a look at what I did...

 Food: Chicken Cesar Pasta Salad, Green Salad, Fruit, Rolls, Cream Puffs, Peanut Butter Bars, and Strawberry Punch.

Color Scheme: All pastel colors that you find in watercolor paintings.

Decorations: Fresh flowers, Paint Swatch Banner, Potted Ikea Plants, Crepe Paper Garland, and Watercolor Paintings done by Moi.

Activities: Games and Painting various floral images with watercolor paints that each guest also wrote a personal messages on the back of for the baby and mom to be.

Since catching the party throwing bug, I have hosted many baby showers, but I have to say...this particular shower is probably one of my favorites because it was ultra easy to put together, highlighted the arts, incorporated beautiful pastel hues, and didn't overkill the girly-ness.

So, if you too are about to host a girl baby shower and love what you saw here, head on over to our Let's Party Together and Bon Appetit Pinterest boards for all the details!

Now, before I go, what would a baby shower themed post be without the gifts?! of my new favorites is these darling bibs by Freckle Baby! 

 Made from colorful and comfortable modern fabrics, these reversible bibs are the perfect accessory to any baby outfit.  Not only because they add a little flair to what baby is wearing, but because they also bringing some piece of mind to Mom when one side of the bib gets dirty!  Plus, these bibs also feature a binky tether!  A total SCORE to any parent out there who has ever found themselves buying a new package of binkies on a consistent basis because they can't seem to figure out where all the other ones went.  Please tell me I'm not the only one!  Haha!  But, if binkies aren't your problem, then you can also use this toy for baby's favorite toy; helping to eliminate the constant toy fetching game for the parents.  Trust me, they'll thank you later!

SOOOO, if this sounds like the perfect gift for you to give away at the next baby shower you attend, head on over to Freckle Baby's Kickstarter campaign, make a pledge, score some awesome products, and help get more of this amazing product made!

Have a lovely weekend Mumsies!

X O,

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  1. I totally agree that moms should get a baby shower with every baby! Even if it is one without gifts, I think every baby should be celebrated just as much as the first!