Hey guys!  With Spring finally in full swing and Easter and the Kentucky Derby (a new favorite of mine) just around the corner...I decided it was time for me to, once again, share some of favorite picture books that my kids and I love reading together this time of year.  And, as you read through the list, you'll notice that every book either has to do with nature or animals.  Two things that are very present during the Spring season, but also two things that young kids love.  Making it very easy for them to connect with what everything they are currently observing.  Something that makes my inner educator absolutely giddy! 
So, before I begin to go on and on about the perks and benefits of reading to your kids, here is my selection for this year.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, one of the best ways to bond with your kiddos and easily get the gears and wheels in their brain turning, is through books.  They are truly magical.  Sorry, I couldn't help but put in a little plug for the importance of ready.  But, I guess once you're a teacher, you're always a teacher!  Haha!  Hope you have a fabulous week!
Much Love,