Hey party people. Welcome to The Mumsy Blog, and if you've been here before I say, "Hi friends!". Michelle and I have been shopping a lot lately. It's something that bonds us. Haha! As business partners and friends it's nice to have a healthy hobbie we both can share. For us, that happens to be shopping. So we were pretty thrilled to feature a few lovely spring pieces in our spring favorites posts, aka this post and Michelle's from Monday. It's always fun to find new places to shop for good deals. And it's even better when you actually find pieces you looovee!

When I go shopping I go for great quality that merits the price, sales racks, or second hand. For example I have a pair of leather boots I paid $95 for. They've lasted me six years! Definitely worth the cost! And you all should know that most of my clothes are from thrift stores. Yup, that's right. Don't be afraid of second hand, it's worth the hunt and you save tons. And if you're too afraid to brave the thrift stores could I suggest a consignment store?

Well check out some of my favorite ways to wear spring 2015 styles. I always love seeing others outfit styles and trying them for myself. And you'll see how I was able to either shop secondhand or quality. But before you check out the outfit ideas be sure to get to the end where we have paired up with Bzees Shoes to give away one pair to our readers! So be sure to head to the end of the post to enter the giveaway.

Spring Fashion

Photos and flower props from our friends at Fox Glove

1. Polka Dots

Dress from Shabby Apple
Shoes from Ross

2. Jean top with midi skirt
Jean top from Uptown Cheapskate
Midi skirt from Agnes and Dora
Bootie from Ross
Necklace from Cents of Style
3. Jumpsuit with kimono
Jumpsuit from Forever 21
Kimono from Lularoe
Shoes from thrift store

 4. Leopard Print Accents
Top from thrift store
Maxi skirt designed by designer Lauren Mellor
Shoes from thrift store
Necklace from Cents of Style
 5. Jogger Pant
Top from Forever 21
Necklace from Forever 21
Pants from H & M
Shoes from Ross

Ok what you've all scrolled down for, the Giveaway!! One of our readers will one a FREE pair of Bzees shoes. We have loved wearing these puppies cause they're so freakin' comfortable. Really, they're so nice to run around in.
Best of luck to you all! And have an amazing weekend. Hope you enjoy the outfit ideas.


  1. Adorable as always, Mumsy! I'm diggin' those shoes! They look SO comfy... which is what I'm ALL about! I Love the sequin pants look that Michelle was rocking in the last post! I wish I had the guts to wear those this spring!

  2. I love pastel colored clothes for spring. :)

  3. Anything but Jeans! I loves skirts!

  4. Love this post! You mums always have such great style!!! ;)

  5. I love brighter colors for spring

  6. I am loving the beautiful colors! It's been a long winter - I'm so happy to finally see some SPRING!