There are many things Natashia and I love, but something that is at the very top of our obsession list, is Provo, the place we call home.  We love our city, and I mean LOOOOOOVE!

For those of you who follow us regularly, you know that we do a monthly feature on Provo Insider known as "The Mumsy Guide to Provo". Though we absolutely loved doing this feature, we thought could contribute a lot more material for our fellow Provonians to view.  So, during one of my many brainstorming sessions, I began thinking about all of the incredible people that live here in Provo and instantly had the idea to make videos about them; eventually teaming up with The Orange Tie Affair to create what is known as "People of Provo" series.

Now, along with "The Mumsy Guide to Provo" this new series alternately runs on Provo Insider and gives those who view it, insight into the type of people that make the Provo community so incredible.  And, since I love this new project of mine so much, I simply couldn't resist from sharing it here too!  So, sit back and enjoy the first of many POP films featuring the incredible Husband and Wife duo, Robbie and Caitlin Connolly (aka @robertloud and @ladyhue in the social media world.)

People of Provo Robbie and Caitlin from Joel R. Alba on Vimeo.


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