Hi friends!! How has your week been? I have had a good one, and I'm gonna tell you about it, ok? I have had a hard time balancing my own personal hobbies/jobs/dreams and motherhood. The struggle is real and I go through it every day. So what has made this week so good is the fact that I have been trying to put motherhood first. It makes me happy because I am really fulfilled being a mother, even when the kiddos are driving me crazy. So this week I have found myself thinking less about myself and taking pretty pictures and more about being present. There's something empowering about putting down your phone and just going to a bike ride with the kids. And I am working a little at a time at being better about this.

It truly is a hard balance because blogging can be really fulfilling and exciting too! I'm really excited to share with you all some recent projects I was able to be a part of in the blog world.

Bloggers Life

First up, I got to speak at The Lovely Lunch, a creative's lunch put on by my friend Jacque from Looks for Lovelies. Remember when I attended Alt Summit? Well I was able to speak at The Lovely Lunch about what I learned at Alt. It was such a blast guys and I am so grateful for new friends and people believing in me. You know how you put lots of effort into something and when you have victories they are so sweet. This was a victory for me, getting to speak at a bloggers event! The photos are by and I'm wearing this lovely pink dress from Shabby Apple.

Another fun project I got to be a part of is styling and shooting with Shabby Apple,, and Travis J Photo. I have always admired the vintage inspired designs by Shabby Apple so working with them was a dream. So here's a few pictures from the shoot:

 So I get to do all these fun collabs but there's still a huge part of me that loves being a mom. Ugghh, why can't I do everything?! What I am doing is taking every day, day by day. Focusing on my priorities and not stretching myself too thin. And occasionally telling myself that it's ok to be away from my kids now and again. Each day at a time. Thanks for stopping by today! Have THE best weekend friends!!


  1. I loved hearing from you at The Lovely Lunch! And you look gorgeous in these pics!

  2. Natashia you are amazing! I love seeing all of the amazing things you are doing along with your blog. We miss you guys!