Hi friends! Welcome back to Mumsy land. Where all your fabulous dreams come true! Haha! Well maybe not your dreams but hopefully you get some awesome ideas here. That's what I'm sharing today, this fun "Bunnies With Sunnies Party".
Bunnies with what? That's right, sunglasses! Well one thing I love about blogging is I can come up with a creative idea and then when it all unfolds I get to share it with the world. (Insert evil laughter).How did I come up with this idea? I was walking through Target and found a couple really fun bunny pieces which I bought for my home. I then ran into the dollar store for something and found some more bunny pieces and "BAM" the Bunnies with Sunnies party was born.
The party was all about bunnies with sunglasses and I'm super excited to share how I did this party and how you can too! This would be a fun party for preschools, classrooms, church functions, or just cause you love to party like we do. So here's the breakdown for all of you out there:

Bunnies with Sunnies : An Easter Party 

Supplies for the Party:
48 Easter Eggs from Walmart
gold pennant banner from My Minds Eye
2 black poster board from Dollar Tree
4 balloon bunny heads from Dollar Tree
12 bunny ears
black and white polka-dot paper from Target
white chalk
large bunny figure from Target
large chalkboard egg from Target
Treats (white peeps, sugar peep decorations, gold eggs, bunny cookies)
white out marker
pink tablecloth
pink goody bags
pink napkins

 Dress Up:
 For the kids they each got bunny ears and balloon glasses. Whats a "Bunnies
with Sunnies" party without them? We were able to have Susan from Susie Q's Balloons come and make the party amazing! She made all the kids balloon glasses to complete their outfits. And having her there was part of the activity cause she made the kids the coolest balloon creations like this carrot sword up above!
They also each got a blower. These cute black, white, gold and pink blowers are also from Target

The theme was all about the shades. Colors were gold, hot pink, white, and black. I also incorporated chalkboard elements. there were lots of black and white elements like black and white stripes and polka dots!
For the backdrop I used a gold pennant banner from My Minds Eye .
The egg garland I made with plastic Easter Eggs from Walmart. I bought a package of 48 which included the hot pink. Then I spray painted the rest of them black and gold. You can find gold eggs but I knew I had to spray paint the black ones so I figured I'd just spray paint them both. But you could always save time by buying gold ones already. Luckily plastic Easter eggs have holes on the tops and bottoms of them. So I strung them together and voila!
For the giant "Bunnies with Sunnies" sign I just bought some black poster board from the Dollar Tree. I used two for the entire party. One for the sign. To make the sign I used a white out marker and drew a large set of sunnies. Then I wrote in "Bunnies with Sunnies".
The bunny heads with sunglasses are from Dollar Tree. I added the sunglasses using some more of the black poster board.
Tape it all up and you have your backdrop.
For the Table:
I found some fun chalkboards at the One Spot at Target. On the chalk boards I wrote little sayings and placed them on the tables. I added some fun black and white polka-dot paper straws from the party section at Target.
Some of the sayings I wrote on the chalkboards are:
 "So cool you've got to wear shades"
"Have a HIP hoppity Easter!"
The white bunny is also from Target as well as the giant chalk egg.
I placed the treats on the table and threw a few of the extra spray painted eggs on the table and I was good to go.


 I found these white mystery peeps and by them these fun sugar shapes. I was really lucky cause one of the shapes was sunglasses! I also picked up some gold foil eggs. And to add to the fun cause it's a party, right, I used some cookies from our local bakery, Provo Bakery.
We had balloon making time for an activity which was another reason why I loved having Susan come again! Her balloon were a fun activity for the kids as well as something fun for them to wear.
We also did a little cake walk. This would be a good time to pass out the cookies. To make the cake walk I traced the top of a large circle like a plate onto the black poster board. I then wrote numbers on them with the white out marker and taped them to the floor. Start and stop the music and let the kids get a walkin'!


Hooray for Bunnies with Sunnies! There's the bunny Easter party for yah! I really loved how it came together and all the fun elements that I'm sure your little would love. If you are local please give some love to Susan from Susie Q's Balloons cause this party would NOT have been the same without her!
Also big thank you to Sarah from Our Life Is Beautiful ! She came with her kiddos and partied with us and it was so fun! We have got to know Sarah who is an amazing seamstress btw, and she really is a genuine friend. Thanks Sarah!
 Last night I was out with Michelle and Sarah and we were talking about motherhood. I really like how Sarah put it. Your lows may be the lowest lows but your highs will be the highest and there will be lots of happy moments. Have a wonderful amazing rest of the week. I know it wont be perfect but I hope you remember those "highs" while you're in the "low" moments. And that you know you are not alone in motherhood and womanhood. Much love to you all!


  1. This is so fun! I love the peeps with the sunglasses the very best! So clever!

  2. aww, you're the sweetest! thanks for the shout out and for inviting me to the party! I love you girls!