Fast For a Year: February

I was sitting at a park this weekend laughing and playing and thinking, "Oh life is grand!" I have really enjoyed this last week focusing more on being present and being with my children. It really brings me so much joy to hug them, chase them, and see them learn and grow. There has been a great sense of fulfillment in my day as I have focused on making this positive change.
When I find myself making small changes in my life it is sometimes surprising how much happier they make me feel. They are so small but make such a big difference.  And I know many of you feel the same way. As I scroll through social media I see your messages of hope and self improvement and I smile. For all the bad in the world there seems to be still a force for good out there.
Many of us are trying to be better humans, that's why we make goals and resolutions. I shared last month how I hoped to be better this year by doing a Year Fast. Every month I am changing something in my life to try to be a better version of me. For January I decided I would fast from yelling at my kids and I'd like to report on that.
In all honesty, I discovered I yelled at my kids more than I thought I did. Because I was focusing on not yelling I would notice how natural of a reaction for me it was. This took a LOT of self control and patience. But I did find that towards the middle of the month calmly talking to my children did come more natural to me. I will also admit that there were times that I was aggressive in my speech though I tried with all the fibers in me not to raise my voice. I did however yell twice this month at my son who ran (both times) in front of cars in a parking lot. I will own that and I feel validated. I think yelling at my kid to come back to curb instead of getting hit by a car is acceptable. Overall I found myself generally having more patience with my children. The desire to talk to my children instead of a swift and heightened punishment did grow. I am pleased with Januarys fast and the results and am excited to start February.

So what will I be fasting from for February? Well, if you've read the title you already know. I am fasting from recreational shopping. I will be going grocery shopping but I will not be shopping for clothes, home d├ęcor, or other random items that are not imperative to my existence. And specifically I will not be shopping for fun. I know, crazy right?! Haha!
This is going to be tuff for me, I do love shopping. Growing up and even to this day, girls would be shopping. I have very early memories of shopping with my Grandma at the outlet malls in southern California. Shopping is culturally a bonding activity for females in my family. So you can see why this could be hard for me. I also really enjoy fashion which is often changing, so shopping happens. I was talking to a friend about this fast and she was surprised. She admitted that she only shopped a couple times a year. For me, I will admit, that I shop at least four to five times a month, AT LEAST. 
As all the fasts that I am doing, I hope to change my behavior and mentality. I am hoping that I will let go of the rush that I get from buying that new blazer. The time that I spend monthly shopping I am hoping I can spend more time with my children and being resourceful. I think this will be a good excuse to organize my home and do some mending. Sometimes its so easy to just go out and buy new stuff, so I am hoping that this month I can tackle the pile of pants that need patches.
As I mentioned in my last Year Fast post, I honestly don't think any less of those who yell or don't spend all the time they can with their kids. And if you feel like there's something little you would like to change I welcome anyone who would like to create their own fast, even for a day.
Well, that's all she wrote. Haha. That's all friends for today. Which me luck in restraining my self from shopping. Here's to more time with the kids, more organization, and more happy moments.  



  1. i really enjoyed this post -- and your honestly. I struggle with both recreational shopping (although trying to refrain) and yelling at my kids sometimes. You've inspired me to be more conscious of both of these and "do better" for the month and beyond. Cheers, Kim

    1. It is so hard. Even today I want to go shopping for my living room or because I'll be in an area I usually am not, shops I usually don't get to go to. This month is going to be hard so thanks for your encouragement! -Natashia