Treating Yourself : Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage Review

It feels like the time from my first baby to my last just flew by. As many of you know, I have four kids ages seven and under. I am grateful for my children and how quickly we have welcomed them to our family. But as a woman there were definitely times I felt like taffy being pulled in any direction that whined, cried, screamed, and/or vomited. Between the pregnancy, recovery, and post partum time I have only had moments in the past eight years where I felt balanced and really able to keep up with life. Because life has been so overwhelming at times, I have neglected my own health. I am now realizing how much I didn't focus on maintaining me. I actually think I didn't even realize how much I wasn't doing for myself and I don't think I am alone.
There was a day a few months back where I woke up happier. The same thing happened the next day and the next and I thought to myself, "Why am I so happy?" or "Why does my life suddenly feel better than yesterday?". Nothing much had changed in my life. I realized that I had had a small case of postpartum depression. I've had it before with other children, but I had slipped into it again without even noticing it. Thinking about this and my obliviousness makes me feels a little crazy. So now I am realizing all that I didn't do during this time. This includes generally listening to my own needs.
I am changing my habits now that I am realizing what I was going through. For one thing, now I have a much greater desire to clean which I think is making my husband happy. And I want to play with my kids more, much more. It feels so good to snuggle with them and feel joy in their smiles. I want to be responsible for all the other small things too that I had neglected. I am also treating myself and it feels great.
One of these moments was the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage. I am not expecting but those who visit Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage don't have to be. In fact they even allow men to come in. Michelle and I were able to get massages from the owner, Rebecca Overson. She also happens to be a Doula and fantastic human. When I called the receptionist she stated how lucky we were to be getting massages from Rebecca and that was not a lie. It was the best massage of my life. Seriously. It was so amazing I have to share my experience with you.
I'll start with the clinic itself. They have done a great job setting up an environment of peace. I instantly felt like I was escaping the stresses outside the clinic when I walked through the door. There was calming music, aromatic smells, and friendly faces. At the beginning Rebecca was very thorough and explained how they do the massages and asked that if, at any time, I am unhappy or uncomfortable to please let them know. I definitely got the sense that they truly wanted me to feel healing and relief.
What really impressed me of course was the massage. Rebecca was great to communicate through the massage and constantly asked how things felt and if I was comfortable. She also discovered that I had a lot of tension in my scapula which is the area between my shoulder blades. We talked about why I had those knots there and figured out I had what was called "nursing neck". I have never treated myself to a massage in all the time that I have had my children. I have also breast feed each of them. And while I have nursed all these babies I spent hours staring down creating the tension in my back.
This made me realize how much better I need to pay attention to my needs. I don't anticipate that I will get good at this overnight. But by getting this massage I feel like I was able to take a step in the right direction. And by practicing this now, every day, I am hoping to be better at listening to my needs the next time I get pregnant. I am now a strong believer in the airplane theory, save yourself first before trying to save others. I believe that I can only be the best mother, wife, and version of me if I take care of myself. And one of the best ways I am going to be doing this is by getting regular massages.
I would definitely recommend Salt Lake City prenatal massage if you're local. The whole staff had ample knowledge and I was even able to meet some amazing doulas there. The clinic actually has yoga classes too.
So ladies I am going to ask, have you been taking care of yourself? It's really easy to say, "I can't because of time or money." or "I'm just not used to thinking about me, it's uncomfortable." But I want to say that you deserve it. Any woman pregnant, single, married, young, or old deserves a moment to feel relief and relaxation. So I urge you to find a way this week to treat yourself. This doesn't have to be a massage. It could be a smoothie or new pair of shoes you've been wanting for months. Do it!
And if you'd like to try out our friends at Salt Lake City Prenatal Massage you can reach them at 801.784.6511 or clicking here. They are really great and friendly. Hope you all have the best rest of your week and take care. Much love as always.



  1. Thank you for this post! The blog A Blessed Nest published a similar one today about how moms need to take better care of themselves. And it's so true!!! I enjoy getting some "me time" to go out to Target alone... and got a massage while on our most recent vacation while my husband watched the baby! Now that I know about this place I might have to make that a regular thing ;)

    And thank you for sharing about your Postpartum Depression. That is something that I've been struggling with since having my baby, and I'm still working to find a balance. It is all to common but never talked about. So I ALWAYS appreciate those who mention it!

    1. Cami. You're so welcome! And good for you for taking time for yourself. I wouldn't recommend them if they weren't really amazing.

      And I'm glad you appreciate it. The whole reason we started Mumsy was so women wouldn't feel alone. Postpartum is really crazy and difficult. I'm there with yah!