This last month has been a whirlwind for me. It's really exciting to have so much going on with my family, here at Mumsy, and with me personally. Part of the craziness included the opportunity to go to Altitude Summit for the first time. Altitude Summit, Alt for short, is a multi-day blogger, creative, and designers conference in Salt Lake City, UT.

 Getting ready for the conference was time consuming but I am grateful for the preparation I did. During the conference there was so much to do, people to meet, and opportunities that it was a little overwhelming. But I still had the BEST time! And now that it's done I want to share what it was like. I am going to share in a Q&A style in case any of you reading would ever want to come to Alt or any blog conference. And if you don't ever want to come here's an inside look at a bloggers life. So here's my experience going to Alt for the first time.

My First Time at ALT SUMMIT

So can you tell me more about what Alt Is?
As I mentioned, Alt is a multi-day conference. For this 2015 Winter session, the conference went from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. The conference has classes, mini-classes, speakers, crafts, sponsored parties, tours, and loads of fun!  If you would like to read more about it you can check it out here.
Do only experienced bloggers go to Alt?
No. There were many people there I met who hadn't even launched their blog. Alt is a good place for any creative entrepreneur. All people are welcome, designers, photographers, and happy creatives.
 Was I nervous?
A little but not really. I read and talked to friends trying to be as prepared as possible, hence why my life was kinda crazy. As this is a bloggers conference, there's loads of blog posts about what Alt is like so I read those. I was a little nervous but mostly anxious to see what it would really be like. Thankfully once I got there I was given a schedule and met friends which made me instantly feel at ease. I did know a few people that were going to Alt beforehand which definitely helped.

 What if I don't know anyone before Alt?
Since having familiar faces helped me, it might help you to find out if any friends are attending. If you don't know anyone don't stress, there is a Facebook group for those attending which is a good opportunity to make some connections beforehand. I know this can be daunting for introverts. Here's a great article for anyone worried about being a wallflower.  
Do you need to stay at the Grand America, where the conference, is held in order to attend the conference?
No. I didn't. I actually came home every night for different reasons. That being said I wish I had had a room. You get so much swag it would have been nice to have had a place to drop stuff off besides the parking lot and to change my clothes. I did have some friends who let me change with them in their rooms which was super nice!!
What would you recommend is vital when preparing for Alt?
I made a ton of business cards. Alts website says to bring hundreds and they aren't kidding. Business cards are a must.

 Also see who is coming to Alt and have a game plan. Know the sponsors and have collaborations in mind. Likewise know other bloggers who you can collaborate with.
Pack outfits that you will feel like a million bucks in. This was a tip from my friend, Melanie Burk, and it was so true. Because I splurged a little and spent time collaborating with shops I was super happy with my outfits. I felt confident at Alt and when talking to other professionals. Seriously, I loved my clothes that I wore and can't wait to share them next week. 
What did you learn for The Mumsy Blog?
I learned that as a blog, we should find our niche and do it well. Michelle and I have already talked and have great plans for the future. I learned a lot about social media, branding, Pinterest, collaborating, and general blogging. I don't have time here to share everything but if you're local message me and I'll let you know of a get together we are doing to share notes.
What did you take away personally?
Be authentically me. There are no rules. Do your passion and do what you love. Live life. Don't sacrifice family. Have work time and family time. Keep your priorities in check.
 Tell me about the food.
Umm... YES! The food at Alt was great. The conference was really good at providing meals and snacks in between. The meals were pretty good. I was especially impressed with Fridays lunch. It was an all vegetarian meal that I really enjoyed. The gal sitting next to me at that lunch actually had an allergy to tomatoes which she informed the waiter. He very quickly gave her a new dish and happily accommodated to any other requests at the table. There were some delish pastries throughout the day too. One thing to note is I probably will bring my own water bottle next time. They had water, tea, and hot drinks but they weren't very easy to carry around and there isn't much time to just sit and sip your drink. You are talking, moving from one sponsored room to the next. So a water bottle would be much easier to have than a glass cup.
What other fun moments were there?
I already talked about food, right? Haha. Ok fun moments... there were tons. Like, tons. There was so many fun and new people to meet I could hardly keep up. Really there was so much talent in one room and all were friendly. This conference is national so it was fun to talk to people from around the nation. Another fun part of Alt was all the emphasis on creativity, which I'm obsessed with. It was so fun to be in such a creative environment how could I not have fun? Another fun part was all the freebies. A lot of sponsors were giving away little goodies or make and takes. It was definitely fun.  

Advice to get through the days of the conference?
Don't stress about every class. My friend told me that before going and it helped A LOT! If you're talking to someone, a sponsor, or just needing a minute it's okay to miss or be late to a class. If you need to charge your phone and collect your thoughts, do it. I did!
Stay fueled by eating and drinking lots of water. Carry that water bottle I mentioned above everywhere. Listen to your body, if you're tired slow down.
Take notes about people you meet. I wish I had done this more. There will be people you will connect with, write it on the back of the business card. You will not remember everything about everyone you talk to.
Have fun. This conference was really fun for me and I've read a few blogs about  introverts who had a good time too. Make sure you're having fun.
If someone was to go to Alt in the future what would you bring?
A giant bag. As mentioned, lots of business cards and a water bottle. Lip gloss and touch up makeup if that's your cup of tea. Pens. Maybe a couple note cards. Something to organize business cards you are receiving. I had a small  accordion folder that I used to organize the business cards by the day I received them. Oh and if you can bring a portable phone charger, do it. There was charging stations but it was really nice to be able to walk around with my phone charging.
What were the parties at night like?
 They rocked. Everyone dressed up for the Downton Abbey themed party with headbands and low-waisted dresses. I mean this is a group of some of the most theme-wearing party goers around. Heck most of the people are legit party throwers so don't be afraid when dressing for these parties. All the parties had photo booths too. Go figure. Haha! The parties did have more food and drinks. They were so much fun and a great place for more networking. Yeah!

So there's a summary of my Alt experience. And how awesome are these pictures!? ALL of them were taken by the talented Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit.
 Next week I'll be sharing all the details about what I wore and how much fun I had dressing up so be sure to check in next week. 

And if you want to read more about Alt you had better believe I'm not the only one to blog about this. Thankfully Alt has collected recaps for your reading convenience. There you go.

It's finally Friday!! Here's a snippet of my blogging world. Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment with questions about Alt or whatever. Love you peeps.




  1. I am local and would love to attend your note sharing. Please email me info when you have it. Arobison10(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks! -Amy

  2. it was so wonderful to meet you!! You have such a radiant personality!! I also think they should consider giving massages like we discussed!!

    1. Thanks Laurel! Haha!! Yes!!! So nice to meet you also!

  3. How fun! I've always wanted to go for the parties alone. So glad you had a great time!

  4. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing this update!! I want to go to one of these conferences so badly! Now you need to teach me everything that you learned there ;) haha!
    P.s. I also loved your outfits post- you looked totally gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks so much friend! I am actually talking about what I learned at a lunch here